2017-2018 Staff

Daniel Anderson


My name is Daniel Blue Anderson (yes that is my full name) and I mainly joined newspaper to fill my schedule. I'm not much of a writer or reporter unless it's something that interest's me otherwise I just don't care. I'm always...

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Well for starters, my name is Dylan. I love to spend time with friends, and play basketball when ever I get the chance. I have swore into the United States Navy, and I am waiting to finish school to leave for basic. I love to...

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Raegan Logan


Hello my name is Raegan Logan and I'm a freshman! I love art, writing, and listeing to music. Also I enjoy speaking my mind and standing up for what I believe in! And that's why I joined this class. :-)

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Kiara Shields


My name is Kiara Shields. Other than going to school, I like to run, play piano, ride my four-wheeler, and hang out with my dog and cow. I joined this class because when I was deciding career choices, I wanted to either be a photographer...

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Chloe Whitehurst


Hello, my name is Chloe Whitehurst. I am currently a Junior at Blackford High School, in Indiana. I am involved in many clubs. Including; Student Council, Key Club, and Spanish Club. In my free time I love hanging out with friends,...

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I am 15 years old and I am a Sophomore at Blackford High school. I am involved in many sports. I am involved in football, wrestling, and baseball. I joined this class because I enjoy writing and putting stories together.

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Terrence Wilson


Hello my name is Terrence Wilson. I am a 16 year old junior at Blackford High school. I play football, track, and I'm part of student council. When I'm outside of school I work at McDonalds. When I'm not working or in school,...

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Brittany Brenner


My name is Brittany and I like to read books, listen to music, and watch YouTube. I joined graphic design because I like journalism and photography.  Photography is a way to capture a moment that passes to quickly.

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My name is Kaydence. I joined graphic design because I enjoy taking pictures and creating layouts. I also like to edit pictures. I don't like writing that much but I will if I have to. I am disappointed that I can't help as much...

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Straton Stone


My name is Straton Stone and I chose this class because I wanted to do a class that was more student led. My favorite thing to do in my free time is play tennis. I am involved in Student Council and might do a couple other clubs...

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Ashlyn Adney


My name is Ashlyn. I catch softballs with my face and use my hands in soccer, I write bad poetry and make weird art, while those are totally Ashlyn things to do, I enjoy them. I took graphic design so I could enhance my writing...

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Taylor Light


Hello, my name is Taylor. I chose this class because I wanted to do a class that was student led. I am in student council, key club, and I play volleyball.

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Rydge Dunica


Hello, my name is Rydge Dunica. My favorite thing to do is play basketball. I joined this class to practice my journalism because I want to be a sports reporter for ESPN. I am involved in Student council, and I'm planning to go...

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Brianna Phillips


Hi! My name is Brianna Phillips, and I am a senior at Blackford High School. If there is one thing I love doing the most, it would be playing tennis! I am also involved in Student Council, Spanish club, Key Club, and Best Buddies. I...

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I am Khaley Sills, currently 15, in the class of 2020. This puts me as a sophomore at Blackford High School. I really want to become a pediatrician, own my own practice and become a mentor to many others. I would like to attend...

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Hello I'm Trinity Adams. I joined newspaper because I thought it would be a fun experience with my classmates and an opportunity to finally be able to write as much as I can. I love writing, whether it's about a specific topic,...

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My name is Brooke Rogers. I am a sophomore at Blackford High School, which is located in Hartford city Indiana. I enjoy managing my high school football team with my two best friends. For my future career I wish to be a trauma...

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Michael Waters


I am here because I like creating stories on current events, and working as a team. I also enjoy reading articles, so I figured it would be a fun class to join. I also like writing about sports and taking pictures. This is my...

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Brayden Overmyer


My name is Brayden Overmyer . I really enjoy watching TV, mostly sports. I'm a big Detroit Lions fan but I really love sports. I'm also a Boston Celtics fan and a New York Yankees fan. I took this class because it seems legit....

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Mr. Sehy

Chief Editor

I come to you from the confines of Blackford Junior High School, where I taught writing lab courses. It is a pleasure to be at the Blackford High School and I look forward to a fabulous year in our publications class.

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Jamison Rainey


My name is Jamison Rainey. I'm a senior at Blackford High School. I enjoy playing PC games and PS4 occasionally. I also like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. I took this class because I enjoy writing.

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Tra Smith


Howdy my name is Tra Smith. I love country music, NASCAR, hunting, fishing, sleeping, eating. I am 16 years old and i'm a junior. I joined this class because I figured it would be fun and a lot of people told me to join it.

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Josselyn Schick


Salutations Blackford High School! I'm here to enjoy the wonderful art of writing and combine it with prominent and relevant news at BHS. I'm a Junior in Graphic Design 3, hoping to help revive the neglected newspaper. This...

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