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2018-2019 Staff

Terrence Wilson


My name is Terrence, I play football and track. I am a senior that is looking forward to going to Indiana Wesleyan University.

Derick Hileman


Hi, I'm Derick, I'm part of TED the talk show, and I like to play football.

Cierra Arnold


I like to read and cook. I have a plant named Albert I look after they hang from my ceiling.

Cam Elam


My name is Cameron but you can call me Cam. I prefer to be called Cam. I play three sports: Baseball, Basketball, and Football. I'm a Sophomore @ Blackford High School.

Rydge Dunica


Taylor Swift once told me, " Thank you for buying a shirt with my face on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I play basketball and baseball. My favorite food is chicken fried chicken.

Zoe Overbey


Senior that literally does nothing outside of school.

Taylor Light


Taylor Swift once said to me "Oh my gosh you're so tall!!!" I love Taylor Swift and I play volleyball.

Emily Huffman


My name is Emily. I have a dog and I play volleyball.

Trinity Adams


I love my best friends, I like to dance, and I'm part of the TED the talk show.

Tra Smith


I am a Senior at Blackford High School. I love to hunt, fish, eat, sleep, and race cars!!!

Halie Starks


I am a book nerd, who would much rather be inside than actually be in the world! So feel free to say hi if you see me in the real world. I enjoy gaming in my free time and play many different kinds of games. My family is rather...

Briana Lee


I am a junior in high school that has three dual credit classes and I have two dogs.

Ben Valentine


I like to be creative, but I'm also lazy so that doesn't happen a lot. I have a lot of neat ideas but will never implement them.

Daniel Anderson


I am 17 years old and I love gaming. From immersive storytelling to competitive multiplayer I cover most games. I was introduced to gaming at an early age watching my dad play HALO: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox. That was...

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