Identity V Might Just Be Your New Go-To Game

Identity V Might Just Be Your New Go-To Game

Kaitlin Miral, Writer

Try not to jump at this game people, from the music to the graphics you might just find yourself playing this game more than once. Identity V is a multiplayer online game for mobile or computer play. The game has many things about it that just leave you wanting to play another round. With gameplay similar to dead by daylight.



The game scene opens to the main character, a fiction writer and detective who has lost their memory. One day they receive a letter in the mail about a missing girl case and accept to go investigate, bringing him to a run-down manor which was the last location the girl was seen. As you explore the manor and complete various objectives, pieces of the mystery begin to unravel. It soon becomes evident that the manor is connected to a dark and sinister game that may be connected to both to the girl’s disappearance and the detective’s memory loss. By playing the game it slowly tells you each character’s role and possible hints onto this dark manor’s story.



Once you join the actual game you have the choice to play as one of the many characters the game offers, that being said you choose a hunter or a survivor in a 4-vs-1 real-time battle. A Survivor’s job is to simply escape the manor and the hunter before the hunter catches them. With small power-ups and boosts the survivor has to decode all the ciphers and then the exit gate to escape. However, the hunter also has abilities such as placing a clone of themself or listening for a survivor’s location. After being caught by a hunter the survivor is brought to a rocket chair which the character is tied to and if not rescued in time with me shipped back to the manor, and of course depending on who you play will give you different abilities, Such as a gardener, who can disable the rocket chairs and make them no longer accessible. Or a doctor who can use a needle to heal a teammate faster than if you played a normal character. The best part about playing the characters is all have a backstory on how they got to the manor in the first play, some come with diaries you unlock along the way and some come with photos or videos, it all depends on the character you wish to play at that time.




This game design is one of my favorites! They really put a spin on this game and it was very cool to see all the stuff they were able to do. The art style is like a cross over between Coraline and Tim Burton. The characters have button eyes and a doll-like body, with cuts and tears that reveal stuffing and have small stitches.


Meanwhile the hunters look very creepy and realistic compared to most of the other items in the game.Recently they have made the hunters faster and cool downs slower so hopefully you still find the game enjoyable.