Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Ireland


Daniel Anderson, Writer

When I started doing Teacher Spotlight, I went with people that not many people know so well, Like Mrs. Hudson, but for this article, I decided to pick Ms. Ireland’s brain as she’s the newest teacher at Blackford and the one who filled in Mrs. Johnsen’s spot when she left. So what are we waiting for? Let’s crack this egg and see what we can find out that most people don’t know about.

First thing first is why she wanted to be a teacher in the first place, well when I asked this she gave me a few different answers that all relate to one another so the first answer she gave is that she likes working with students, which is surprising knowing students of Blackford. She also said that she enjoys learning and teaching allows her to do both at the same time, as well as the learning part also relating to her personal life. As far as teachers go they’ve normally been a teacher for a year or two officially, but Ms. Irerland is a different case. Technically she’s been “teaching” (tutoring in this case) since high school, and did student tutoring in college, which tally’s up to 7 years, and she graduated in the spring of 2019. That’s not too long ago, so less than a year and she’s already teaching a bunch of high schoolers. She’s been teaching at Blackford since August, so that’s 7 years and 5 months. Is your mind blown because mine is? It’s rare (at least for me) to see a teacher start teaching at high school instead of elementary, or middle school.

Now if I were a teacher, I’d want to teach Journalism or English, but Ms. Irerland had a different plan in mind for her. When I asked her why she wanted to be an Economy/ U.S. Politics teacher she said that “the Government and the economy is something we’re always talking about, and always thinking about”. Can’t argue with her there. Teaching economy/ politics (in my perspective) allows her to help students think “how can I improve the government and the economy?” There are other areas of teaching that can be earned but if you could change yours, what would you change it to and why? Ms. Irerland didn’t have a very surprising answer but it was still interesting nonetheless. While she does teach Economy, Politics, Sociology, and Government, she also can teach U.S. History, and World History, so just anything in the social studies category.

There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of jobs out there, but your profession is only tied to a fraction of them. If it were me, I’d try voice acting, or video production for YouTube, on top of my journalism. Ms. Irerland didn’t surprise me when she said that other professions she would choose were Public Policy, and traveling as a pilot, or flight attendant. Those also sound pretty cool if you ask me. I asked her what her favorite part of the job is, and she said that she loves talking and helping the students (yes, even the freshmen). Her least favorite thing is that legislatures always push a standard requirement that needs to be met that not many teachers understand. I can see why.

Now everyone has at least one or two things they want to change in their lives, be it a job, how the job operates, or just specific little events. Ms. Ireland believes that the food at Blackford should change, specifically the quality of the food. Now I think we’ve all had school lunches, and I think that the school lunches are the closest we’re going to get to prison food without being in prison. Seriously, have you tasted spaghetti here? The noodles are soggy as heck, and the sauce wasn’t even mixed in, it’s not even spaghetti at this point, it’s just soggy noodles topped with dry tomato sauce. So yeah, I can see where Ms. Ireland is heading with this.

“What’s your favorite thing about Blackford?” If I asked that question to a fellow student, I probably would’ve gotten “Blackford sucks so my favorite thing is when I leave”… Ouch. But with all the downsides there’s always a good side, Ms. Ireland saw that and she’s only been here for 5 months. Her favorite thing about the county is that even the school is so community-based, everyone is involved with the school, and she gets to know the parents of the students outside the class, and can see them at, say, for instance, the grocery store.

So that was my teacher spotlight, what’d you guys think? Did you enjoy my article? And what are your opinions on Ms. Ireland? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and opinions and I’ll see you all later.