Legendary Blackout


Emma Daugherty

Olivia Leas shooting a free throw, pressure is on.
Liv Water’s may be # 3, but have you ever seen her shoot those 3’s ? “wow” the crowd say.
Joyful Jaycie is what we like to call her. If she gets knocked down, she gets back up.
Liv Waters trying to figure out a game plan.
Grace Simmons trying to passing the ball, to get that open shot.
Olivia Leas, holding up defensive skill.
Liv Waters telling Olivia Leas to knock down these free throws.
Liv Waters and Regan Harding about to go in strong with defense 3rd quarter.
Liv Waters walking with confident, that were gonna get the “w” on this game.
Olivia Leas about to score this 3 as someone passes in the ball.