Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hudson


Do you want to know one article I haven’t seen in a good year? The “Teacher Spotlight”! The only teachers I’ve seen covered so far are the science teachers so I thought I’d interview one of the Spanish teachers, and Mrs. Hudson agreed to an interview.

Mrs. Hudson had spent a lot of time talking to Spanish speaking people when she was a young girl, her mom had a lot of Hispanic friends and in second grade in her free time, she helped a girl who had just moved in, learns English, since then she’s been interested in language. Mrs. Hudson has been teaching for a total of 11 years, 9 at Evansville high and 2 here at Blackford. Matter of fact, she started at Blackford last year teaching English for middle schoolers. Normally when conducting an interview about someone’s job, a person will get curious about an alternate profession that someone would take if their current job isn’t working out for them. I did and asked that same question and she said, “I would write curriculum for textbook companies if I didn’t teach because I really like creating resources, as well as coming up with lesson plans, and lesson ideas”.

Her favorite thing about teaching Spanish is the fact that when they start no one knows anything about the language so she starts with a blank slate and the feeling that a student has learned something at the end of the year always satisfies her. I asked her what she liked least but she couldn’t think of anything that she would describe as “like least” so we just moved on from that question. The thing that she enjoys about Blackford is how community-oriented it is, the students know each other, the teachers know each other, and she always sees her students in the halls. The one thing she disliked about Blackford is that she’s so used to kids having their own, personal computers so that they could complete lessons outside of school, and with online lessons being added next year, that’s one thing she will be looking forward to. I said that she taught Spanish and English during her 11 years of teaching but one thing she would be interested in teaching that wasn’t a language would be history, surprisingly, I can relate, and I’m a gamer. 

Some people would like to change something about their workplace, or lifestyle, sometimes both while others either don’t know what they want to change or stay the same. I asked Mrs. Hudson what she would change if given the chance, she responded with “I don’t know” so we just moved on (starting to see a pattern here). As a teacher, it’s also your job to motivate kids to learn but apparently, that’s the hardest part of the job, or at least it is for Mrs. Hudson. I can see why she thinks that because of my past experiences with people, not even the least motivated to even pick up a pencil. With that kind of description, you’d think that teaching kids would be the second hardest right? Wrong because apparently, that’s the easiest part.

That concludes this article. Tell me what you guys think, did I ask the right questions, wrong questions? Did I not ask enough or did I ask too much? All and all it was very enlightening to hear about the opinions, viewpoints, interests, and history that one of the newest teachers at Blackford High has. See you in the next one.