50 Fun Facts

50 Fun Facts

Austin Alter and Jayden Hayes

Fun fact #1

YouTube was made February 14th,2005 and now everyone has been on it for the past 14 years.


Fun fact #2 

Dolphins will play with the whales by lying on its head while it is slowly rising above the surface.


Fun fact #3

Did you know eating chocolate before taking a test or doing homework will increase your chances of understanding the quiz.


Fun fact #4

A single bolt of lightning is hotter than the sun.


Fun fact #5

Tooth brushes were originally made from hair

There’s no need to worry they use nylon brushes now. 


Fun fact #6

Chewing gum while cutting onions can stop you from crying.


Fun Fact #7

Did you know each one of your cells contains about 2-3 meters of DNA.


Fun fact #8

A Great Dane is faster than the fastest person alive a great dane can run up to 30 mph.

With the fastest person running at 27 mph


Fun fact #10

You did not notice that we skipped # 9.


Fun fact #11

If you pretend to understand your baby he/she will talk sooner.


Fun fact #12

 You cannot talk while inhaling through your nose.  


Fun fact #13

People who consume more pizza will decrease the risk of Cancer.


Fun fact #14

North Korea and Cuba are the only places you can’t buy coca cola.


Fun fact #15

The entire world’s population can fit inside Los Angeles.


Fun fact #16

There are more than 7 billion people in the world.


Fun fact #17

You are reading this now.


Fun fact #19

When I die I want my last words to be “I left a million dollars under the…”.


Fun fact #20

Twitter,Facebook and YouTube are banned in china


Fun fact #21

Potatoes where the first food to be grown in space.


Fun fact #22

Anaconda’s are the largest snake in the world.


Fun fact #23

The biggest pumpkin is 2,624 lbs.


Fun fact #24

Some cats are allergic to humans.


Fun fact #25

Too Much Water Can Kill You.


Fun fact#26

The Majority of Your Brain Is Fat.


Fun fact #27

It takes exactly 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie pop                         


Fun fact #28            

If you stay up all night you body burns 161 calories.


Fun fact #29

The word listen has the same letters as silent! Lol


Fun fact #30  

If clifford the big red dog was 25 feet tall, he would produce an estimated 1,320 pounds of dog poop a day.


Fun fact #31

If you go to Wendys and say “I’m not from this area and im lost and don’t have money” you will get free food do to their Wendy’s policy.


Fun fact #32

Most Serial Killers were born in November than any other month.


Fun fact #33

Dolly parton lost a look a like contest.


Fun fact #34

High heels were originally for men.


Fun fact #35 

The hair you can see on you head is actually dead.

Fun fact #36

There are underwater rivers that flow along ocean floors.


Fun fact #37 humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy food.


Fun fact #38 dogs can smell cancer.


Fun fact #39 bees can detect bombs.


Fun fact #40 the world’s biggest tire producer is Lego. 


Fun fact #41 Rainbows are full circles and that it is possible to see them from a plane.


Fun fact #42 the longest word you can type with your left hand is sewetterdresses.


Fun fact #43 you just tested number 42 


Fun fact #44 Stephen King sells the rights to some of his short stories for $1.00.


Fun fact #45 the longest living insect is a termite.


Fun fact #46 There are red bananas that taste sweet, creamy, a little bit like raspberries.


Fun fact #47 you are now manually blinking. 


Fun fact #48  You can always feel your clothes 


Fun fact #49 In 1221 Genghis Khan killed 1,748,000 people at Nishapur in one hour.


Fun fact #50 If you were to live in complete darkness your body would eventually adjust to 48 hour days where you stay up for 36 and sleep for 12