Briana Lee, Writer

This Halloween is said to be the most fun in a long time. Everyone is already picking out costumes, candy, and the most haunting places to go. Will you be scared this year? Well trick or treat everyone, the fun is just beginning. Halloween this year is said to be cold, so make sure to bundle up. The time for trick or treating is 6-9 on October 31st. Some rumors have been going around about Halloween and everything has been taken care of or is being taken care of. Some people have been creeped out about red balloons being put up on the drains. This is just a trend going on do to tik-talks and videos on the internet that kids saw as fun. There is nothing to worry about. Indy scream park is open along with haunted corn mazes and haunted woods all over Indiana. Scare tactic things are sure to happen this Halloween. I hope you all have a wonderfully spooky day!