Teen World

Briana Lee, Writer

 Today, more and more teens are becoming independent at younger ages or trying to act older and independent. Teens are wanting vapes, mods, alcohol, parties, and intimacy. What happened to this new generation? Some good things about today’s teens are most of them have jobs or are looking for jobs. Jobs are easy to find, but not easy to get. Some have started babysitting, mowing lawns, and shoveling as side jobs to make money. It’s not very often you hear about a teen going to prison. Mostly for drugs, possession, illegal firearm, etc. If you look closer though, more teens are looking for colleges. Today’s teens have even managed to bring back some of the older styles of clothes and shoes. This generation is full of surprises, but don’t give up on them. This could be the generation that changes the world for the better. Don’t miss it. Have a wonderful day!