Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Briana Lee

For students looking for a job or even citizens of the community read this article to find your first or next job. So many students and others are looking for jobs, but claim that they don’t know who’s hiring or who’s not. Well here’s the article for you! There are more jobs hiring than you think.

For those looking for a fast food job there are two places hiring for sure. McDonalds is hiring at this point in time. If a minor you will be getting paid minimum wage or more depending on if your a minor. Students looking for a part-time job this is just one place to go. You will be taught register, possible grill, and other exciting things. You will be getting paid weekly.

Taco bell is the second fast food restaurant that is hiring. Start out can be anywhere from minimum wage to $7.75 start out if a minor. Here you will learn register (customer service), line, fry prep., and a lot of cool interesting things. You will get paid every other week and they are looking for part-time and full-time.

Along with those Pizza king, Richards, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Burger King are also hiring. Burger King, you will get paid weekly; looking for part-time and full-time. Pizza hut is looking for delivery drivers. YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN VEHICLE IF APPLY AND HIRED FOR POSITION! Richards is looking for people as well. Pizza king is hiring MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE (as of informed from outside resources). If your looking to make sandwiches, Subway is the place for you! Will be paid minimum wage for minors. All jobs are flexible with your schedules for school, sports, and activities. If anyone is looking for a job like these please put in apps for these jobs ASAP.

For those that don’t want a restaurant job, but a retail or gas station job there are a couple places hiring for that as well. Cassies is now hiring along with needlers and CVS. Not for sure what Cassies is hiring for, but for details you are able to go in and ask along with CVS and Needlers. Pays will depend on if you are a minor, highschool student, or an adult. These apps are all online in order for you to fill them out. So for those of you looking for jobs here in the Blackford Community, here are your places! Apply soon!