Notre Dame Cathedral News

Emily Huffman, writer

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On Monday the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, but why it caught on fire is unclear. Even though some places in the Cathedral were ruined construction workers hurried to fix and save as much as they could. Parts of the Cathedral fell and they had cranes pick up parts of the big pieces so it didn’t do any more damage than it already did. They aren’t sure what caused the fire but it did a lot of damage and investigators have questioned 40 people. The Cathedral still remains very fragile and it is really dangerous. They have wooden planks as support on different parts of the Cathedral so it keeps it from falling or making more damage.

There has been a debate on how the Cathedral will be rebuilt, but there isn’t a for sure on if they will try to rebuild it the same or if they will give it a new look. The church was built from two different churches and the foundation stone was laid by Pope Alexander lll. The high altar was made in 1189, and the choir, western facade, and nave were completed in 1250. Porches, chapels, and other things were made over the next 100 years. The interior of the Cathedral is 427 by 157 feet and the roof is 115 feet high. Two of the towers are 223 feet high. The Cathedral was obviously very big and very popular spot. The first construction of the Cathedral started in 1163 and ended in 1345, so when they rebuild it again it will probably take a long time like the first time. The Cathedral is considered a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture. The Cathedral was made with flying buttresses which holds the thin, tall Gothic-style walls up and it also prevents cracks.

Many people and places have donated money to go to the rebuild of the Cathedral that caught fire on Monday, April 15, 2019. The Cathedral will either be built to look like the old one or it will be built to have a newer look. I think the Cathedral won’t be the same as it was before the fire, but hopefully, they can get it rebuilt nice and get more donations to build it again.