Rep Assembly 2019

Emily Huffman, writer

Student Council is going to rep assembly on Thursday, April, 11. Rep assembly is one of the many events IASC holds. At rep assembly, many people from different schools all around come together and we vote for the next president, vice president, other things like district reps too. Rep assembly is only one day and we go during the school day. I enjoy rep because you get to see who runs for different positions and who wins. Also if you go to events like sli or state convention you get to see the people you met already or the people you possibly made friends with and it’s so exciting!

I encourage people to join Student Council and try to go to these events so they can meet new people and see how fun the events are. Student council is a really great way to get involved in the school because you do many things to help out in the school and community. Many schools student councils hold or help with events that bring many people together.

On 4/11/19 we went to rep assembly and we had a great time. At rep assembly, many schools from around Indiana came together and we listened to candidates running for representative give their speeches and we also found out who got the positions. Allison Zuber a freshman at BHS got central east district rep! I think having people from our school go to these things and run for positions is really good because a lot of different schools notice us when they run and when they get the position. Student Council is a really good opportunity for students to get involved and do great things. Also, things we do in Student Council goes on our college applications and things like that look really good, so if you aren’t in Student Council already then it’d be a really good idea to join!