Taylor Light

More people at this school need to start getting more involved. There is so much that students do, for example, homecoming activities and prom, but there are very few students who actually get involved with these activities.

During homecoming this last year, there were several activities that went on but there were barely any students participating. Stuff like that could be so much more fun if just more people would participate in it.  

Prom is coming up just around the corner. It is just two short weeks from this Saturday. Some people that go to prom, and even those who don’t go, don’t realize just how much time and hard work it takes to make it all happen. There is a lot that goes into just one night. You have to raise money, order decorations, make decorations, decorate the whole gym, take everything down afterward and so much more.

It is really hard to get all of that time consuming hard work done though when there are very few people helping out. There have been several prom planning meetings this year, but none of them have had more than four people. If you want to have a good prom then you need to get involved with planning it all out.

It also seems to be the ones who do nothing when it comes to putting everything together, whether it be prom, homecoming, or anything else, that complain about how things are. If you don’t do your part in what is going on, then you shouldn’t complain because you had all of the authority to make it different if you would’ve simply just shown up.