The Secret Business


Rydge Dunica, Writer

There is a secret business that many people don’t know exists, what is that business? It is selling and flipping of sneakers and clothing. Many people view this as playing the system and hate what resellers do, but I view it as a smart business move. If there is money to be made why not take the opportunity and make the most of it. I am sure that many of you never knew that this business is a big thing in our state, Indiana.

There are a few ways that sellers run their small businesses, all of them being successful if they work at it hard enough. One of the more popular ways to reach your customers is through social media, and to post your stock on those social media platforms. You can purchase or sell a pair of shoes or a piece within seconds through direct messaging or commenting on a post.  One of the things that you have to be careful with are scammers, they will “buy” your products and then you will ship them and when they arrive at the buyer’s house they block you so you have no way of getting your money. An easy way to reduce the risk of that happening is by sending an invoice to your buyer with the tracking number so when the tracking says the package has been delivered the money will be withdrawn from their account and deposited into yours. This is the way that I personally resell shoes and clothing because there are no fees involved besides the invoicing fee.

Another popular way of selling hype shoes and clothing is by buying a building and turning it into a reselling shop. Not many resellers do this because of the amount of start-up cash that it requires and the big risk of not having the shop in the right location. The good thing about having an in-store shop is that you can’t get scammed because the buyer would have the money with them and would buy on the spot. Another big risk about doing this is the store getting broken into and everything was stolen from it; whereas if you only use the social media selling method your stock will be stored at your own house. There is a reselling store getting ready to open here locally in Marion, Indiana. The shop is called “Just For Kicking” and is going to sell both shoes and clothing. The opening date hasn’t been determined yet but is in the near future. So if you are ever looking to buy some hyped shoes or clothes just take a trip to Just For Kicking and see what all they have in store. One of the things that they are doing as a shop is consigning to other little resellers. Consigning is giving your items to a shop and they determine the pricing and sell the shoes for you, and they will take a certain percentage out of the sell for themselves and you get the rest. This type of selling is one of my goals as a reseller because if you are able to open up your own shop doing what you love while making money why wouldn’t you want to do it.

The most popular items to sell are shoes because if the profit margins that come with them. You can easily double the amount you spent on one pair of shoes whereas clothing is a bit harder because not as many people want to spend top dollar on clothes. One of the biggest flips in shoe reselling here recently is the Sean Wotherspoon 1/97 air maxes; the retail price was $160 and now they are selling for around $1700. The amount varies on how much you can make per flip based on the shoe and the size. Usually, the smaller sizes sell for more because they’re stock numbers are lower than the bigger sizes. One of the safest silhouettes to buy to flip is the Air Jordan 1, most of the time they sell for at least $40 over retail. A few other shoes that you are safe on getting to flip is anything from the Nike x Off-White collab, any of the V1 Yeezy 350 boost, and any shoe that Supreme has collabed on. If you are looking for an easy and quick way to make some extra money I recommend getting to know the shoe culture and begin buying and flipping shoes.

Another culture that is within the business of reselling his hype streetwear; a few of the bigger and high selling brands are Supreme, BAPE, and Off-White. Buying and flipping clothes is a bit riskier than shoes because there aren’t as many people interested in clothing as there are shoes. The majority of the people that buy clothing are other resellers that want to buy the clothing for as cheap as they can and make some money off of it themselves. Another risk involved with flipping clothing is you never know the stock of a piece until after it releases, so you won’t know the rarity in advance causing uncertainty on what the resell price will be. The biggest risk of them all is how easy it is for people to make inauthentic ones and sell them as if they are real. One thing that is always safe to buy and try to flip is a Supreme “box logo.” They are the most sought after pieces by many resellers and collectors because of their value and rarity. The culture of hype clothing is unknown by many which leave a good opportunity to make money if you are smart with how you sell your items.

With all of the people that are wanting to get their hands on the high selling shoes or the hype clothing, bots have been introduced into the business of reselling. A bot is an extension that can be added to web browsers or apps that will autofill all of your buying and shipping information for you allowing for you to check out quicker than people who don’t use a bot. These bots don’t work all of the time because websites change their settings causing bots to get interrupted. I think that using bots is a smart thing to do if you are wanting to expand your reselling business and maximize your profits.

The world of reselling is just now getting started, it is going to grow more and more as people realize the money there is to be made from just flipping shoes and clothes. I feel that before people buy all into reselling they need to do their research on what pieces are good buys and which ones aren’t. The people that don’t know about this business will soon know about it because they will either buy from a reseller or become one.