My salty opinion on Valentines Day and some states to back it up along with some history.

Valentines day isn’t a big deal as people make it out to be. I know, that’s an unpopular opinion and kinda salty. I know but that’s just how I feel and I bet that I am not the only one out there who feels that way. What is valentines day really? Is it a day to shower your significant other in gifts, flowers and cheap chocolate while you profess your love for them? Or is it a gimmick for companies to get consumers to spend their money on items that aren’t really necessary?


Here’s a shocker the origin of Valentine’s day isn’t as sappy and cute as you think. It started with the Romans, see through out February 13 and 15 men would go out and hunt. They would usually sacrificed dog and goat they caught.  With the hides of the sacrificed animals they would whip women. They did this in the feast of Lupercalia. Even weirder young women would willingly line up to be whipped as they believed it would make them fertile. They would also do an activity, very similar to seven minutes of heaven, were men would pull a name of a women and spend the rest of the night with each other.


Ancient Romans are responsible for the name of this Holiday. Emperor Claudius॥ executed two men, whose names were both Valentine, on February 14. The catholic church made February 14 St. Valentine’s day. Although in the fifth century Pope Gelasius combined St. Valentine’s day with the Lupercalia festival to get rid of pagan rituals. As time went on it gained more popularity. Shakespeare romanticized it in his works. And eventually the rest of the world started celebrating Valentine’s day.


Are you put off yet? If not I can still try to convince you otherwise because next up stats about the american consumption and money spent. It a real wholop. In 2014 americans spent about 17 billion dollars. You didn’t read that wrong americans collectively spent 17 billion dollars on valentines day which is a 1.6 billion decrease from the year before. It’s still ridiculous. If you think that’s a lot I got a lot more statistics about money wasted- I mean used- on this special day.


In 2013 consumers spent about 707 million dollars on candy and another 23 million on wine within the weeks leading up to valentines. Either that’s a very cute gift from your significant other or that’s quite a lot of sad singles indulging themselves. More times than not I’m the latter. Minus the wine, obviously. With these numbers all that candy adds up to 127 million pounds of sweets and 2 million bottles of wine. Like I said either sad single people or a cute significant other.


This year however it’s been predicted americans will spend 19.6 billion dollars on valentines day. This estimate is based on the amount spent in 2018.  It’s a no brainer with all why companies and stores love selling cheap candy months before valentines day comes around. Companies get rich of this stuff, and americans love spending their money on this stuff, not just candy but cards and gifts as well. In 2019 It’s estimated that 47 million dollars will be spent on jewelry.


Now for the random facts of valentine’s day.  Did you know that in 1886 conversation hearts were first made by New England Confectionery Co. Usually I hear people talk bad about these candies but I always looked forward to them.  Did you know that on average men spend $130 on gifts and/or food? That’s a lot my dad doesn’t spend that much on my mom on valentine’s day not that I am aware of anyway. Although he probably did before me and my brother, you know when he had expendable income.


Here’s a cute fact at least 9 million people buy their pets gifts. Now that’s something I would see myself doing. For this year it is expected that pet owners will spend $815 million dollars on their pets. I can see that, pets not only put up with you year round but they also have such a real connection with their owners. I am not saying that you and your significant other don’t have a connection but you get what I mean right?


Valentine’s day is the second busiest day for restaurants next to mothers days as of 2014. Americans that year spent about $7 million dollars a restaurants and the average cost of meals is between $87-$287 dollars per couple. That’s an expensive meal man, just get me some Taco Bell and I’m a happy girl.  Why they spend that much on a meal I have no idea but if you got the money you can spend it however you want I guess.


Moral of the story? Americans spend too much money on Valentine’s Day. Couples get each other expensive gifts. The history of it isn’t the cleanest. People spend money on gifts for their pets. If I had a pet I would too. Adults send a lot of money on wine for some reason? Also if Americans spend that much money on meals and gifts I must be either cheap or easy to please with simple things.


So Valentine’s day seems to be one of the most expensive holidays, besides Christmas obviously. So do I still think that Valentine’s day is a scam for companies to get money? Yes I still do. Do I think it’s still necessary? Again yes. Call me salty and bitter because I’m single but with statics of the money spent by Americans companies are happy to profit on this lovey-dovey holiday.