World of a Hypebeast



Do you ever see someone walking around and have on a hoodie or shirt that has a box on the chest that says “Supreme”? Or a camouflage ape head with the word “BAPE” above it? Or a shirt or hoodie with two arrows on the back making a cross? There are many brands in the hypewear world. Some people consider hypewear clothing ugly, while others will spend over $500 on a sweatshirt to be wearing their favorite brands. The clothing in the hypewear category is eye-catching to most because of the patterns, vibrant colors, and the rarity of the items. A lot of people don’t understand the term hypebeast, or what the point of buying the expensive clothing.

The biggest hypebeast brand around the whole world is Supreme. The brand has been around for twenty-four years, making its debut in 1994 in New York City. Supreme’s store locations are pretty limited around the world, having shops in New York, Las Angeles, London, Paris, and six in China. They produce and design a variety of items, ranging from clothing to kitchen appliances. A majority of the people who buy Supreme don’t buy with the intent to wear or use, they buy them to resell for more money than they bought it for. Supreme have weekly drops, every Thursday morning at eleven, and they typically sell out within five minutes. The priciest item from the last drop, December 13th, is the Supreme/Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5’’ Bike which had a retail price of $2698 and is currently wrestling for $5590. The cheapest item from the last drop was the Supreme/Luden cough drops which had a retail price of $2 and are reselling for $10. Over the years they have collaborated with many other brands some being, Nike, Champion, Spalding, The North Face, and many more. If you are hoping to buy some Supreme from a drop good luck because most of the stock is bought by bots and then sold in bulk.

Along with Supreme comes another hypebeast brand, Off-White. They have just recently made a name for themselves by collaborating with Nike on a huge shoe release. The big release was called, “The Ten.” The most distinct feature on all of the shoes is the word “AIR” on the midsole of the shoes. Another thing that catches people’s eyes when they see Off-White shoes is the crazy color combinations they are used. Not only do they have shoes, just like Supreme, they also have clothing and accessories. Unlike Supreme, Off-White release their items on surprise dates and times. The head designer of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, surfaced in the hypebeast community late 2017, and lead the community the whole year of 2018. Another collab with Nike is rumored in January of 2019. The most expensive item that Off-White has on the resell market is the Menta colorway of the Nike Air Max 97s. Which sells for $1,169 on StockX. The cheapest item that they have out is the Off-White x Nike Orange tee that sells for $65 on StockX. If you ask around the hypebeast community believe that off-White will soon top Supreme for the highest sought after hypebeast brand.

The third of the major hypewear brands is BAPE. They are based in Japan and China, and only have one United States location, New York City. BAPE is known for the vibrant colored camouflage that covers their clothing and accessories. The brand is mainly loved and bought by celebrities because there are limited quantities of their items which cause the prices of them to be higher than the average person can afford. One bad thing about BAPE is that because of their small quantities and being located in China, the amount of counterfeit/fake products are quite high. Unlike Supreme and Off-White, BAPE tends to stick to only releasing clothes and shoes. The brand often collabs with record labels and other hypebeast brands to release a limited edition line of clothes.

There are other hypebeast brands that aren’t super famous or widespread throughout the community. Those being Palace, VLone, and OVO. Palace is a skateboarding brand that randomly releases clothes and accessories that sell out within minutes on their site. Their logo is a three-dimensional triangle that says “Palace” on every side. VLone is also another skateboard brand that releases their own clothing line, and collab with other brands to release shoes. Just like BAPE, VLone releases their products in very small quantities, therefore, the resell prices are insanely high compared to their retail prices. OVO is Drake’s brand that rarely releases any items so that causes the market for them to be expensive and sought after. There are many brands that haven’t yet gotten their name out to the community but still create nice products. If you are trying to buy anything in the hypebeast community I wish you luck!