Fun and Creative Ways to Decorate for Christmas

December 11, 2018

By Halie Starks

By Halie Starks

Fun and Creative Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Christmas is a fun time for all, unless you are the Grinch, but tis the season to be jolly! Around this time many families are gathering together to decorate their homes with Christmas joy. Here is a list I have compiled to give you many different ways to decorate for Christmas!

One: Popcorn Tinsel

Decorating the Christmas tree is always fun but sometimes you just want to think outside of the box. Well, here you go! Instead of going out and buying tinsel just buy some string and put fresh popcorn on it. Get yourself some good popcorn and pop it in the microwave or uses other methods.

First, make sure your popcorn has no salt or butter this helps keep the popcorn on the string you are using and prevents that stinky smell when the popcorn is left on the tree for many days. Secondly, you should go through your popcorn and pick out the pieces that you want to use, maybe try getting rid of oddly shaped popcorn and burnt kernels.

Thirdly you want to let your popcorn sit for at least two days since popcorn can be very brittle to allow the corn to harden some. This makes it easier to put the popcorn on your string later. Also to brighten your tree you can use powdered dye on the popcorn to make it green and red or custom colors to match your tree!

Fourthly you want to cut your string about five feet, which should be reasonable to start with, and you can always connect more string together to make longer tinsel. Fifthly you want to thread the needle and slide it through the popcorn to start stringing it together. Next, you want to tie off the end securely. Lastly, you want to add the tinsel after you put the lights on and drape it carefully over the tree in loops and if you want to make it look special you can do many different layers of tinsel.  

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Two: DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sparkly Star Ornament: Brighten up your home with glamor and sparkles with the sparkly star ornament. For this you are going to need assorted foam balls, silver spray paint, toothpicks, and silver glitter. First, take different sizes of toothpicks and slide them into the foam ball however you want. Then apply one or two coats of silver spray paint and when still wet sprinkle some glitter over it. Lastly, let it dry and then use a dab of hot glue to glue it to the ceiling or wherever!   

The Kissing Ball: Want to encourage some kissing? Then make a kissing ball ornament! Start by getting a 4-inch foam ball, a 14-inch fabric square, a rubber band, and loads of ribbon. Then wrap the foam ball in the fabric and secure it with a rubber band. Next, thread the end of your yarn down through the band, around the ball and up through band’s other side so the ribbons end match up. You can knot them to hang the ball. Thirdly you want wrap 14 inches of ribbon around the ball’s other side and tuck the ends of the ribbon. Lastly, hide the band by using a bow and some festive sprigs.

Spray Painted Pinecones: Want a more basic DIY ornament? Then go outside and grab some beautiful looking pinecones, some pretty ribbon or string, and some spray paint! First, you want to take the spray paint of your choice, I suggest white, and paint your pinecone. You want to fully cover the pinecone and let it dry before moving on. Next, you want to cut off the stem, if it has one, and ready your string or ribbon. Lastly, you want to use the flaps the pinecone has on the part where you cut off the stem and slowly place the ribbon under one or more of the flaps. Then just hang it up!

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Photo Wreaths: Do you love taking pictures and have plenty of copies? Then take those photos and make a photo wreath for the holidays! Start by gathering your photos you want to use and prepare some hot glue. You can use copies if you are worried about the original getting damaged. Next, you want to get some sturdy wire and make it in the form of a wreath. Lastly, you want to fire up your glue gun and glue the backs of the photos to the wreath. I suggest having different sizes of pictures to make your wreath stand out!

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Mini Snow Globes: Snow Globes are pretty aren’t they? Well, now you can have mini ones to hand on your tree! Start by getting some clear old fashioned light bulb ornaments, some white coarse glitter, mini bottle brush trees, your choice of colored baker’s twine, and a glue gun. You can start by giving the small trees a bath in water to change their color to be lighter or you can bleach them and dye them whatever color you want. Dry and rinse them and then get your hot glue gun ready.

Next, you want to add a dab of glue on the trees wooden bottom and then slide the tree into the light bulb. Press down lightly(you can use a wooden skewer to help) and make sure the tree is glued where you want it to be before getting the glitter out. Thirdly you want to add the glitter on the bottom of the tree by using a funnel make sure not to fully cover the tree but only cover the bottom and the base of the tree in glitter. Now you want to put the lid on the bulb tight and give it a shake if you want and then add a dab of glue on the top to make a bow out of the baker’s twine. Lastly, you can hang the ornaments or use Christmas washi tape to make stands for them. You could even make banners on them for those special loved ones!  

By Halie Starks

Three: Ice Lanterns  

Sometimes your yard can be bland on Christmas or even just dark, but now you can light up your life with ice lanterns! The only two things you are going to need are balloons and some battery powered tea lights. Start by filling up your balloons with water however big you want your lantern to be. I would not recommend making them small since they can sink in the snow, if you are freezing them that way. Next, you tie your balloons and place them out in the snow or freeze them in a freezer. Carefully take them out of the freezer and unwrap the balloon from the lanterns.Lastly, you don’t have to cut grooves into the ice! Now you just place the ice on top of the tea light now you have lanterns! You can place these outside to lighten up your by simply placing the tea lights down and placing your lanterns over the top.

Four: Extra Small Activities To Liven Up Your Home

Hand-Paint Snowflakes: You can use washable paint if you want to invite your children to draw or you can use a washable paint marker to draw snowflakes on surfaces such as glass or mirrors. This can be a fun way to include all of the family and liven up your home with snowflakes of many kinds!

Hot Cocoa Bar: Get yourself a large table of your choosing and a festive tablecloth, you are making a hot cocoa bar! Once you have the table set you can decorate it how you want. I would suggest using a nice wooden sign, cute Christmas cups and maybe even some mistletoe!

Deck the walls: Do you have too many gifts? Do you just don’t have a tree? Then decorate the walls! You can use bookshelves and many other places to put your gifts and you can string lights, tinsel and various other decorations around your presents. There is always a fun and creative way around not having a Christmas tree!

Make Centerpieces: A bowl of candy or sweets sounds good to anyone with a sweet tooth now you can take this to a whole new level! Take various different colored candies and sweets and put them separated into a bowl add a bow if you want or maybe some glitter! There is truly an endless amount of possibilities that you can do with centerpieces. Any red, green, white or even pink candy can really liven up a room. Not to mention that you will have the children flocking to the tables to eat the sweets inside! Peppermints can be a nice candy to add along with Kisses but there are many other candy choices that liven up your Christmas spirit.

Christmas is an amazing time to be with your families and to enjoy each others company. So why not include all your family and make some of these fun decorations! Not only are these easy and fun to make they will truly make your home feel special since you put time and effort into making these decorations.  

By Halie Starks

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