“Ashe Overwatch (Quick Drawing).” DeviantArt, www.deviantart.com/ayyasap/art/Ashe-Overwatch-quick-drawing-771057771.
“Ashe Overwatch (Quick Drawing).” DeviantArt, www.deviantart.com/ayyasap/art/Ashe-Overwatch-quick-drawing-771057771.

Overwatch: New Hero Ashe and Six More To Come

November 12, 2018

Overwatch is a first-person shooter made by Blizzard who is well known for making World of Warcraft and Diablo. Overwatch is known for its very diverse gameplay with many different heroes for players to choose from. From supports to tanks Overwatch has many heroes from many different backgrounds. Blizzard has plans to release one new hero each year with the latest being a talking hamster and his machine named Wrecking Ball. Now, this rolling hamster moves over for the newest hero a cowgirl with an attitude, Ashe.

Ashe was featured in the Overwatch short Reunion, where Jesse Mccree is the main star. Without spoiling the short Ashe was revealed and so was another hero an Omnic, named Echo. Ashe’s backstory is also very interesting and sheds a light on what can drive people at a young age to a life of crime. Ashe has a shotgun that has a sniper like scope and has a decent hip fire. One of her abilities is being able to throw dynamite on the ground which goes off after time or can be shot to be exploded. Heroes in range of this ability not only take damage but have a new effect of taking fire damage. This ability can be very useful in Overwatch since many heroes use shields meaning that the tank with the shield and those behind it can be damaged more often. Not to mention that this could be used as a distraction as well.

Ashe also has the ability to use her coach gun to send her flying backward, forward or even upward! This can be used in Overwatch to gain a higher ground or to launch dynamite over and into a high place above the ground. Every hero in Overwatch has an ultimate or a very powerful ability that can change the course of a match. Ashe’s ultimate is unlike any other hero found in Overwatch and it is called, B.O.B. Now Bob does not sound too scary or even that powerful but you might want to think again. Ashe’s ultimate sends out a robot Ominc named Bob who charges forwards and attacks players in its wake. Bob can shoot enemy players and gain kills but after a short time will stop and stand in place shooting in all directions.

While Bob has a large health pool of 1200 hit points he can be easily killed since he does not move after a set time. Although this ultimate may still seem weak, Bob is treated like another hero meaning he can hold points and can contest payloads. Ashe is going to be an amazing hero in Overwatch and looks fun to play already! Blizzard though has said something even bigger. Blizzard has announced that they have plans for the next six heroes in Overwatch! This is huge because it means the wait for heroes may not be as long since the hero ideas are already in place.

Overwatch is a very diverse game featuring heroes from many walks of life including many foreign language speakers from French speakers and German speakers not to mention that Overwatch also features a lesbian hero named Lena Oxton or Tracer. Hopefully, these six new heroes bring more to Overwatch and make the lore behind this game larger!



Omnic- A type of robot featured in Overwatch.

Hip Fire-  Firing without aiming down the sights.

Hit Points- How much damage something can take commonly used in video games.

Other Information Links

Reunion Short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKYVvPNhRR0

Ashe Backstory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvT9wKCrEyo

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