A New Beginning


Terrence Wilson, Writer

This year, Blackford sports has really improved over the last four years, ever since the sectional championship of baseball last year and the debut of Luke Brown. Starting with the baseball team in 2017 to win the sectional championship and eventually lost in regional. Ever since then Blackford sports has gotten better.

Right after baseball, football went on to have their first winning season in 10 years by winning 5 games. But due to some suspension after the first round of sectionals, the boys had lost in the second round of the sectionals to a state contending team.

The boy’s basketball team last year when two players Luke Brown and J.D. Hoover and an awesome coach Hoover came into Blackford county and led the basketball team to its first winning season in over 10 years. Luke averaged 29.3 points per game. Unfortunately  near the end of the season with sectionals around the corner, Luke suffered a broken ankle that took him out for the rest of the season. The Bruins went on to go 14-9 for the season that ended in the first round of sectionals.

The boy’s soccer this year had seven wins and six losses this year led by seniors Keiton Elkins, Mark White, Nathan Brown, Eli Perez, Brenner Romine, Colten McNeal, Adam Ward, and Charlie Cranston. Keiton Elkins led the team in scoring with 13 goals and a total of 29 points. Followed by Colten McNeal who had 9 goals for 22 goals for the season. Charlie Cranston the goalie whose season ended early from suffering a leg injury, had 39 saves and only was scored on 9 times. The boys averaged 2 goals per game and 3 points getting scored against.  

This years football season has been the best season Blackford county has seen since the 2003 season when they last won a sectional championship. They have broken many records like the defense only allowing 15 yards in one game and the most yardage in a single game. The Bruins blew by the first and second round of sectionals round of sectionals playing against the Northwestern Tigers by the score of  51-0 and the North Montgomery Chargers 38-0. The Bruins has a chance this year to reach the sectional championship and go even further to maybe state this year with the way they’re playing. The boy’s averages over 30 points with 294.8 rushing yards and 48.7 rushing yards so far for the season. The Bruins will play at the Brebeuf Jesuit Braves for the sectional championship this Friday at 7:30.

The girl’s volleyball this season wasn’t much of an improvement this year but the girls tried their hardest as they went 3 wins and 23 losses for the season.

Lady Bruins soccer had 2 wins and 11 losses this season. Their leading scorer was Gabby Henderson with 7 goals and 9 points followed by Layla Pennington and Sophie Jennerjahn with each scoring 2 goals. Jacie Sones (the goalie) done a great job this season with 62 saves.The girls averaged 0.8 points per game and 1.4 points against them for the season.