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"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence" Leopold Lokowski

Music is an amazing tool that can be used for many different purposes. Music can be used to get a message out or just for someone to express how they feel about certain topics. Everyone likes a different kind of music, whether it is rock or pop music, all genres of music share one thing in common. Music is perceived differently by everyone and what you may see or get out of a song may be different from your friend. To prove a point I would like you to listen to this song fully, focus on the music video and the words being sung. Once you have finished the song feel free to express your thoughts in the comments or vote on the poll.   

How did you feel about the song by TryHardNinja?

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Listening to the song I know that you heard something far different than me because we are two different people. I have knowledge of the game this song was based on which means my perspective on the song is changed because of that knowledge. I choose this song because it shows that people like certain kinds of music because they can relate to it on some level or they have knowledge of what the song means. This is a major part of why music artists are popular in the first place because they are people with issues that they can express in a creative way. Using the artist P!nk for example, many people enjoy listening to her songs because they have a purpose to them and a story. Personally, I love listening to P!nk’s songs because they always have a deep meaning to them that come from her own personal experiences. For other people that may be different but that is normal because everyone’s mind and the way it perceives things is different.

Tomas Chamorro is a psychologist who has given his opinion on why people have musical preferences, he says that people have these preferences because it is a part of our personality or rather it reflects key parts of our personality. That is why what music we listen to reveals parts of inner feelings and thoughts the reason behind this is that music fulfills three important psychological functions. Research shows that people A) Listen to music to improve their performance on certain tasks such as studying or working. (We use music to combat boredom as well.) B) We use music to stimulate our intellectual curiosity by concentrating and analyzing the music we hear. Lastly, C) We use music to influence our own emotional states with the goal in mind of achieving the desired mood such as happiness or sadness.

It is nice to know how music affects us psychologically but how does the types of music we listen to affect us physically? I did a poll using my peers by asking them what their favorite kind of music is. The results are, out of 24 students the majority voted that they like rap music; the second choice was rock music. I am going to use this poll to show how music, specifically rap music, can affect our bodies physically and socially.

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1hood Media Academy which was founded by Jasiri X is a program that aims to take students/teens interest in rap music and use that as a way to teach them core skills and prepare them for adulthood. This program uses rap lyrics and music videos to teach teens about adult issues which help teens who may be struggling be able to better prepare them for the world. The program could help teens learn how to better themselves physically but it also helps teens connect with others of their same age creating a more socially able teen.Rap music is not something I listen to personally but any genre of music can help us in many ways, including socially, physically, psychologically, emotionally, just to name a few ways. This is part of why music is so important to many people, it gives them an outlet to just jam the day’s worries away! This is not even the tip of the iceberg because music offers people so much but few actually realize it. Some of these people happen to be administrators of schools.

I have no intentions of bashing schools across the U.S, even the world! I wish only to give my opinion on music in schools and why schools should not drop music when the budget gets tight. Music has been shown through countless studies to improve student’s academics in other classes such as math and language arts. One of these studies done by Daniel Intolubbe goes into great detail about how music stimulates one part of our brain that plays a major role in how we learn and process information. If you were to go around and ask people if they listen to music while they study, or work plenty of people would say yes. Although plenty of people would say yes if you asked them their reason to listen to listen to music they will all be different while having the same core ideas.

Music can be used by some people to stimulate that part of our brain, formally called the auditory cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for organizing sound frequencies; in the auditory cortex, some brain cells organize and respond to higher frequencies while the others respond to lower frequencies. By keeping this part of the brain focused on something some people are better able to focus on their schools or even day to day tasks. This is a major thing for people who can better learn this way, but it does not really give a reason why music as a class should stay in schools.

Music classes such as band or quire in schools give students a way to express their creative mind and give them a place where they can grow and let go of the day’s stress. This is important because of the school day and school, in general, is stressful for students, including me. Having an outlet in school such as a music class can help them to better themselves not just academically but it can help their life at home and once they leave school.

Music has not just helped our generation of teens learn to be better adults but music has been a huge part of history as well. In a history class, many students are not taught about the history of music and genres of music such as classical music. Although this is true I was blessed to be able to have a music class where I learned about classical music and its historical origins. In turn, this class gave me a better appreciation for music and I actually learned a lot about myself through this experience. I believe wholeheartedly that this kind of history should be taught in schools, because it really could help that one kid who was struggling, like me.

Similar to art class music is a way for people to express themselves and this is very important and if schools take classes such as music and art students are sure to flunk even more on tests. There are ways around this since the major problem for schools is money issues. If schools were to ask their students I am sure that there would be a group of kids more than willing to do fundraisers to make money for the classes. Here in Blackford, I know that if this were to ever happen, there are even well-off adults who would donate to keep music and the arts in school. I only know this because of Mrs.Sharp who actually talked to me about this issues when I brought it one day after doing some research.

So there are many ways around not cutting music in schools and I believe that if schools would put up the effort, music and the arts could easily be kept in schools. This will help so many students worldwide because they have something to look forward to in the day and have an outlet that maybe their own home cannot provide. Overall keeping music and art in schools will not only help students but it will greatly raise test scores meaning that schools will gain more money from the government.

Music is a powerful tool being able to help us in many ways but there are some people who lack the ability to listen to music. Music and art can be used as an outlet to escape the daily stress in our everyday lives. I have personal experience with this and music truly helps me feel less stressful. People have been shown through countless studies to suffer from stress every day whether it be small or large, stress is still a part of our lives.

Stress can be linked to many bodily disorders such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. These disorders can negatively affect our bodies some even causing death if not treated. Although these disorders are dangerous they take a long time to develop therefore can be stopped early by doing one thing. Making good habits! Make listening to music one of your habits in the day and you will start to not only feel stress-free but your overall health with start to improve.

Music has so many good benefits for us but like any good thing, you can have too much music. Listening to too much music can cause you to have headaches and it can even cause you to overheat! Music also can cause people to isolate themselves from others including their family. This isolation is bad for people because humans are meant to be social beings. Music is can cause many unhealthy effects on people so we have to be careful about how much music we listen to. By keeping track of how much we listen to a day we can better our minds and bodies!

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Music has not just helped this generation of people but even back in the days of Beethoven, music was helping people in many different ways. Although back in those times people did not have the same kind of technology that we have now many people would gather in small and large places just to hear music by people such as Beethoven. People even came from across the world just to hear music that we can just search on youtube in minutes. Music has shaped the world in so many ways, for the better. Without music this world would not be the same, sure we would still have but without music so much would fall.

Without music artists such as P!nk, Taylor Swift and so many others would not be the same, or maybe they wouldn’t exist at all. Without music, some huge debatable topics such as gay marriage may not have so many supporters since music has helped bring up points in major ideas such as that.  Music is important to the very core of who we are as beings and how the world has became shaped. Without it, many things would fall apart, and we have much to thank music for.

We have music to thank for many things in our lives and without it, many things would fall apart. Music is important for our well being, our social lives, our mental health and for our history. So many music artists have shaped our generations with their music making us who we are now, whether it be for better or for worse music has impacted us so much. There are even songs written about political issues, economic issues, and plenty more important topics. These songs help show issues in our world in a way that isn’t offensive to people and in a more lighthearted manner. Overall music is important to our daily lives and should not be taken advantage of, rather it should be embraced as something that helps make us whole. I give thanks to music for shaping our world and making us who we are today, as people and as a nation.

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