Meeting Taylor Swift

Taylor Light, Writer

On June 26, 2018, at 3:28pm I got a message from Taylor Nation. As a long time Taylor Swift fan, I knew exactly what that meant, I was going to meet Taylor. I gave them all the information they asked for and waited for them to call me. Later that evening, around 8pm I got the call and they got some more information from me. The told me that I would get another DM confirming me and my guest. On June 27 I got a DM that said “Hi! You and your guest are confirmed for Saturday (:”

On the phone, Taylor Nation told me that I had to be at the box office between 4 and 5 to pick up an envelope with my name on it on Saturday, the day of the concert. So I planned my whole day around getting to the box office at 4. On Saturday, June 30 I woke up and got ready and Rydge and I left my house at 10 am. We made the 3-hour drive to Louisville and got there around 1. We went to Starbucks until the parking lot opened at 2 after we parked I met up with some friends for a few then Rydge and I walked to Kmart to sell some extra tickets I had. By the time we got back from Kmart it was 4. I went to the box office and told them I needed to pick up an envelope and I showed them my id and they gave me the envelope. There was an oranger paper inside it that said “Your opportunity to meet Taylor starts at 5:45 pm tonight” and it gave me more info on when and where to be. So at 5:45 Rydge and I went to the meeting location, there were people there getting out names and giving us wristbands that said “meet and greet” on them.

It was probably around 6:15 when we walked to another building, as soon as we walked in the door we had to put our phones and bags on a table, we weren’t allowed to take anything into rep Room (where Taylor was). So Rydge and I walked into rep Room. Right through the walkway, there were cases that had a bunch of different outfits Taylor had worn in music videos and photo shoots. As soon as I walked in the room I saw Taylor through the curtain (she was in a sectioned off area so it was just you, her, and a photographer). There was 2 couches, drinks, the throne that was in the Look What You Made Me Do, and SO much more. I was so in shock that I didn’t spend any time in the room, Rydge and I got straight in line to meet Taylor. While we were waiting, Taylor’s mom, Andrea, came up to us and asked our names, hugged us, and just talked for a few minutes. We got to the front of the line and a lady held the curtain open for us, as soon as I walked in Taylor was standing there with her arms open to hug me and said “Well hi!!!”, I ran into her arms and gave her the biggest hug. She smelled SO good. Then she hugged Rydge. I really don’t remember everything that was said because I was in so much shock. She said, “It’s pretty cold out there isn’t it?” It was like 100 degrees out! I told her how my whole family and I will be at the Indy show and she was like “Omg tell them I said thank you, I really appreciate that!” She said to Rydge “Thank you for buying a shirt with my face on it” because he was wearing a Taylor Swift shirt. I said I love you to her probably 10 times and she said it right back every time. We held eye contact the whole time I talked to her and she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time! After a few minutes she was like “So can I get a picture with you” and I said “Well duh!” and she put her arms around Rydge and I for the picture. I hugged her again and said I love you and good luck during the show and we left.

Meeting Taylor Swift has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. The fact that she chose me herself from Twitter and knew who I was amazes me. The whole thing still doesn’t seem real at all. I can honestly say that June 30, 2018 was THE BEST day of my entire life.