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Digimon: Dawn and Dusk

Alex Capper, writer/polls

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         Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk are role-play games for the Nintendo DS. The games share a main plot. There are slight differences between the stories and the places you explore. They were first released in Japan as Digimon Sunburst and Moonlight. The games take place in the Digital world. The Digital world is where Digimon (digital monsters) live.

         The games have a large variety of digimon. From in-training to Mega, there are also some new digimon in the games, like the main antagonist Grimmon. In-training digimon are the weakest digimon and are the baby forms of digimon. Next is rookie digimon. Then things start to get interesting as you grow into champion digimon, their adult form. Although, champion is a digimon’s adult form they still can digivolve further, digivolving into the ultimate level. Of course, there is more with the mega level, a digimons’ strongest natural form, but some digimon can ascend past the mega level with special forms like burst mode, or DNA digivolution. Burst mode is one that multiple digimon have but there are some modes that are unique to specific digimon like crimson mode for Gallantmon, or fighter mode for Imperialdramon. DNA digivolution is the fusion of two digimon like the iconic Omnimon, the combination of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, this was the first ever DNA digivolution. It is possible to fuse a digimon again after its already fused to make a more powerful digimon like Imperialdramon paladin mode, the combination of Imperialdramon and Omnimon. There is another unique digivolution that can be performed by rookie digimon, armor digivolution. Armor digivolution requires specific items, digi-eggs. Digi-eggs are reusable and armor digivolve rookie digimon into stronger forms like Flamedramon and Rapidmon (armor), these form usually don’t digivolve any further. Digimon unlock more moves as they digivolve and level, these moves will stay with them unless you  change to change them. Even if you degenerate (de-digivolve) your digimon. Degeneration sends your digimon backwards in their digivolution line going from mega to in-training instead of in-training to mega. Sending your digimon back lowers its current stats, but will increase the digimon’s overall stats when you digivolve it back, since it still keeps some of its old stats. Allowing you to meet the requirements for certain digivolutions.

         While exploring the Digital World you’ll run into digimon that aren’t friendly. When you start combat with enemy digimon you scan them. Once you have 100% scan you can make your own of that digimon. If it’s already in a stronger form then its in-training or rookie form you may want to degenerate it, because the digimon won’t have the stat growth from the previous forms. You can have six digimon with at a time. Extra digimon not with you will go to the digifarm. A nice place were your digimon can live while they’re not with you. In  the digifarm digimon can train, relax, or play.

         Digimon World Dawn and Dusk are fun DS games that can have a lot of time put into it. Whether you’re grinding level, searching for that one digi-egg, or scanning digimon there’s always something to do, even if you beat both the story and post story.

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Digimon: Dawn and Dusk