Fans are Outraged Because Microsoft Takes Legal Action Against Halo Online

Daniel Anderson, writer/reporter

If you’ve played Halo 3 back in 2007, you could have gotten that experience back but on PC. Halo 3 broke records and dominated the market in 2007. It was pretty hard to get people away from the Xbox back during its heyday, and it’s even harder to forget. We could’ve had that again in 2018 for PC, but 4 days after Halo Online release Microsoft decides to take legal action against the fan made project.
ElDorado is the team responsible for creating Halo Online after Microsoft scraped it. They put years into giving us the Halo 3 experience we want on PC, with the same armor customization and core gameplay. They mixed old and new really well and added some features we never had in Halo 3 such as changing the background to already existing maps.
The day the game was taken down 343 industries posted a blog on halowaypoint stating why the game was taken down. The blog said, “Microsoft has taken legal action to protect it’s Halo intellectual property.” They also said that after the project was scrapped it wasn’t free code for the fans to use or abandon ware for moders to use at their whim. But even though 343 posted this, it doesn’t mean they don’t like this project, they loved it and wants more of this game. Unfortunately, it was Microsoft’s call, and 343 is just the messenger, and on that note 343 posts “One thing remains clear-fans really want more Halo on PC.”
Stepping away from the security stuff let’s step into what this game was and what it offered. This game is basically Halo 3 for a new platform, the game gave us old armor sets, old features, and old gear. But at the same time gave us modern day weapon models, more maps, and new forge tools to help create custom maps, and games. If you are one of those people who like to make movies using a video game like Halo (machinima) then the forge in this game was the perfect option to build unique sets. You can choose the setting and time of day in the map for interesting plots and funny jokes but also mess with the size of the player, and how the features of a play can change.
I love the Halo games, ever since my dad first played it when I was four. So I hate to see all the negative things going around in the community ever since Bungie’s departure from Halo. This game was about to be the best Halo game ever to come out ported on the PC, with new maps, old armor and vehicles, and more weapons. We were so close to this game being a full release, only to have Microsoft take it from us.
Not much has been announced since Microsoft took the HALO Online download pages down but fans hope to hear that HALO Online will see the light of day again. Hopefully, Microsoft and Eldorado can work something out and come up with a compromise, for HALO Online future. Until then fans are stuck with playing the MCC on their Xbox ones for their HALO 3 gameplay.