The Positivity in Doing Blackford Sports

Cameron Hall, Editor

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People often wonder what positivity comes in doing Blackfords sports? I believe I might have the answers! Some kids don’t play sports. When I was younger I often wondered why? As I’ve gotten older, I know now.


       Some kids don’t like sports or there just not quite into it like some people. Everyone has different hobbies and styles. So I’m not being judgemental if someone really doesn’t like them. I’m just going to tell you why I think sports are good for you.


     I’ve always thought sports were very fun especially when you find one that you just fall in love with! For me that was soccer. I always thought it was basketball when I started playing it. I started playing basketball in sixth grade and I loved the people and coaches, and I played it all the way up to my sophomore year of High School. Then it was just not for me anymore. My freshman year I started playing soccer! That was a very good decision I made.


   I loved it, and I still do. I love how aggressive the game is. I like the coach and soccer was probably the best part of my freshman year. So when I think of other people doing sports, I hope they like them as much as I do and I hope they appreciate that our school even afores it. I always feel bad for the kids that have parents that won’t let them participate in sports if they really want too. I just believe you should do what you put your mind to.


   One thing that’s great about doing sports is you get in shape, and that’s healthy for your body. Also when your in shape you should be eating healthy because that’s what makes you stay healthy. Two it puts on some entertainment for your community. Most of the people in Hartford City like to come out and support different sports or they just like the entertainment.


   Three, it’s a good opportunity for you. You can get scholarships from colleges and that makes your future. It’s just a good way to better your future and lifestyle. It is also great for your school system. If your team wins games and does great it gets you notice from colleges or the news. Doing sports is also a great opportunity to make friends and get to know other people. I know I have made more friends over the years, just for being involved in sports.


  I think it could be because you find out that they actually enjoy doing something that you like, and that makes life better when you meet people that have the same interests as you. One other good contributor to doing sports is you can raise money for your school and then the money can go into making our school better. Also doing sports I believe is good for your mind because then you can let off some steam if something bad happened at school that upset you or just something that’s been bothering you at home. It’s good to go let off steam in a positive way. So I hope that maybe this can change some people’s minds on doing sports, maybe not, but it’s great thing to do if your bored or even just want to get involved in your community.

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The Positivity in Doing Blackford Sports