Spider-man Swings Back Into Gaming



Daniel Anderson, Writer

Spider-man returns to gaming in a new ps4 exclusive. After four years of staying out of gaming (with the exception of fighting games), Spider-man finally gets his own game again. With the disappointment about The Amazing Spider-man 2’s game release back in 2014 being a complete failure fans hope Insomniac games will revive the wall crawlers gaming career. Taking place in New York City once again Spider-man gets a new coat of paint, the game will not be a movie adaptation of the recent Homecoming movie and this alone has fans out of their seats.
After Wilson Fisk A.K.A. The Kingpin is arrested for his many crimes, including trying to kill Spider-man, New York’s crime rate gets worse. A new gang has moved into town that calls themselves “the demons” Spider-man is attempting to bring them down. Peter is not alone in his mission to bring down the ruthless street gang, he has help from a cop named “Captain Yuri Watanabe”.

The game so far has good graphics and a solid story, but the bread and butter of any Spider-man game is the web usage. Players can now use their advanced webbing to temporarily stun and/or blind opponents. Players can also use their webs to trap enemies in a cocoon of webs or web people to the walls and ground. The webs can also be used as a trap laid for enemies to walk into, grappling them and then sticking them to the wall that you set it on. Ever since Spider-man 2 fans have waited for a realistic web swinging mechanic which other games have failed at delivering. You can also use the environment as your weapon, from bricks to I beams, enemies will never expect a phone booth to fly towards their face.
Spider- man won’t just face the street gang, but their leader, Martin Li A.K.A Mr. Negative, who uses negative energy to fight. The games rogues gallery doesn’t just stop there, like other Spider-man games there will be more villains than just Martin, there is also, Herman Schultz A.K.A The Shocker. Spidey has more hardships than that including stopping a free falling chopper from harming the inhabitants of New York, and making sure J. Jonah Jameson doesn’t put dirt on his image.

Aside from the game mechanics and the graphics, the voice acting is as good as the gameplay. Even the writing beats Hollywood writers at writing a good Marvel story. For example, While Fisk is behind bars his men are in danger of the demons, and Spidey opens up with a wisecrack saying “saving bad guys from other bad guys, not how I thought today would go”. This game’s story is one that fans might want in a Spider-man game and the best part is that even Insomniac Studios employees are fans of the original comics and are working hard on this game.
Much is to be expected of this game and a lot of people are hoping it’s what Marvel games have been missing. Aside from the web play, the combat, and the story, this game is one fans will be talking about for years. If you ever wanted to be Spider-man as a kid then now’s your chance.