Dude. be nice!

Grant Lambert, Editor in Chief

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The phrase “dude be nice” could elicit many feelings. Feelings of guilt, feelings of suspense, or even feelings of joy. The Dude. be Nice program aimed to bring solely joyous feelings to BHS.

The BHS Student Council put forth a week’s worth of effort in creating a better atmosphere around the building. Taking inspiration from the program’s previous visits, the student council prepared a number of activities for the students, as well as people in the community.

“We want to give back to those who have been so generous to our school,” Student Council adviser Denise Rogers said.

The Dude. be nice program itself, is a clothing distributor, that focuses on creating a better environment in schools. One way they do this is by sponsoring events that help the students see the good in themselves.

The main underlying goal of the program is to deter bullying in schools, and in the community. They do this by helping local community leaders do helpful things for the people who have been influential in the community.

The Student Council used this template to plan several activities throughout the week. The specific activities included a support trip to local businesses, a day where students sat at different tables during lunch and a “wall of positivity”. The week ended with a special moment to honor a respected member of the community during the basketball game against Oak Hill.

Monday was an orientation day, where the participating members of Student Council discussed their plans for the week. Information about the week, and the program itself was given to the students.

Tuesday’s main activity involved the Student Council visiting several businesses in the community, in order to give them gifts and appreciation for their services. The businesses in question included ADM, Farm Bureau Insurance, Smith Insurance, Bailey’s Cleaners and Printer’s Express..

On Wednesday, members of the Student Council sat with other lunch tables, while encouraging others to do the same. Many students chose not to participate in this event, but several student council and faculty members did.

Thursday was scheduled to be the premiere of the “wall of positivity”, an opportunity for people to celebrate their good qualities. Due to a two hour delay however, the Student Council was forced to forego that plan. They passed out post-it notes with positive remarks on them to passers by.

Friday will involve the final event for the week, an honorary moment for a well known and respected individual in the community, at the beginning of the varsity basketball game. Rogers mentioned that the week’s activities were done to build up interest for the game.

“We want to get them pumped,” Rogers said.

The individual will receive several honorary gifts from Student Council on behalf of several Indiana sports teams and Ball State University. The game is also the premiere of “Boomer Night”, so there will be no shortage of entertainment during the game.



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