ISTEP and What I Think About It

March 13, 2020

When people take tests like ISTEP they usually get their sleep and also get a good breakfast. Many people have different ways of getting ready. You might not eat a good breakfast in the morning and probably don’t even eat at all. What do you do before the test?


How does the test affect you mentally and physically? Jayden Hayes says it helps the people who have bad grades pass their ISTEP test. It scares them into studying before then. If they don’t then they won’t pass. Brayden Rouch says he doesn’t care, it’s not that bad.  Anthony Dalley says that he has always struggled at doing his testing. He thinks that it is very hard for him unless he just guesses which is very bad for him. Josh Plumley says that if he were the one who creates the test then he would make it easier because he thinks it is hard for him. Due to the questions from last year and now, I’m surprised that anyone would remember all of that. Damion Ellenburg Says that he studies and does his work and also asks questions if he doesn’t get it. Finally, Easton Whittig says that it makes him kinda relaxed because he knows what he has studied for. How else would anyone pass ISTEP?


Why do only Sophomore take it? Well if I were to guess then I would say that it is because us freshman are new and do not know the information yet. Truthfully I don’t really know why, but there are probably a million reasons why. Maybe there is just not that much time they can use to grade the test. Grading one’s test may take a while unless they have it on scantron then you can just make it easier to grade. 


What may happen if you don’t pass? Well, you might have to retake the test. There are multiple retake days for the test.


Before you take the test what do you do when you get home? What do you do first? Do you just study until bedtime like all those smart people or do you just get home and play on your electronics like most teens. School is a place for you to learn and achieve all of your goals in the future or now. If you want to go to college you need to pass all of your classes even if you don’t need them in life.


Welcome to life, life is not fair unless you make it that way. Do your job and you will have nice things like a family, a new house, and also your job as what you dreamed of. Maybe we all should act like we care and try our best in things like the ISTEP. Is ISTEP that hard for you? Well, maybe but you could make it easier. How can you? People from all over do tests like these and pass, but how do you think they pass? The same thing as I told you, you just have to study and remember what you have read and try to understand it. If you don’t then you should ask someone who does like a teacher, parent, or an adult.


During ISTEP there are rules that you have to obey or you will not pass even if you did well on it. Number one, no electronic devices with you in the testing room. If you were to have an electronic with you while you were in the testing room then that will be an automatic invalid test. Number Two, you may not be talking during or after the test is in session and may not ask for help at any point. Finally, You may NOT cheat. You can not look over someone else’s screen/paper. Who would do that? Have you ever seen anyone cheat? I haven’t. at least not yet. If you were to share your answers with anyone then you must not have been listening and paying attention. Your teachers always ask for your phone before you enter the test room and if you were to lie then you will get in trouble. DON’T LIE…


ISTEP shows how much you pay attention and understand material, so if you are the one who blames your teacher for not teaching you the stuff you don’t know then you should think first before saying it. How are your grades good if your teacher didn’t teach you the stuff you needed to know before the test. Why would you say that if you know that it was taught to you but you weren’t paying attention. I know so many people who say this stuff and do not think before saying it. I think it would actually make it a lot easier if you understood what you learn.


After the test, what would you do? Personally I would be like “ Ahh thank God that’s over.” you might say that it was easy or say it was hard. Many others may say, “ I’m never doing this again,” although you’re gonna have to again if you don’t pass.


Breakfast is the main thing that you should have before coming to school. Eating cereal, apples, or bananas, and also drinking apple juice, orange juice, or milk will make you wake up and start your day out satisfied. Unless you are lactose in tolerant then I suggest you eat things without dairy. People chew gum or eat mints to calm them down and make them focus on the test. 


Quiet places is where you will be taking the test at and shall always be quiet even if you are all done. Testing isn’t easy for the teachers. They have to read instructions millions of times and also have to keep an eye out for cheaters and who would know who has been cheating if they were not getting looked at so they might have to have more than one teacher in the room to cover more ground. Again, listen to what you have to do in order not to fail.

Remember what your goal is. Do you want to be a mechanic like me or do you want to be an EMT, Cop, Artist, or whatever you want, most of it takes college and a lot of hard work.  If you don’t want to go to college it still takes a lot of understanding and cooperation to do so. Going to school is what makes you Know what you know. Not many people stay in school after 10th grade because you think their better off, but if you try to drop out of school or quit a job then it is all on you. You could have had a great life if you were to do one simple thing. Then you have the smart people who have many years of learning since they paid attention to all they were taught. Dreams are big things, so treat it like one.

       What are you better at in general? ELA, mathematics, science, social studies, and health. I’m better at mathematics and science. Jayden Hayes said that he is good at most of it like science, math, and ELA. Well there is an answer to all your problems, but you won’t like it. PAY ATTENTION. Nobody wants to be in school forever, but if you do then you are crazy, although Try not to rush to graduation because you might not like the end of it. A lot of parents say that school is better than going to work because we get to sit all day and learn and write. When you graduate you shouldn’t feel that there is no more stress on you. There is more where that came from. Stress is normal for everyone. Your Parents may have stressed everyday and still work hard today. They have so many responsibilities. Due to their age, they are hurting and  would still do their job. 


Don’t celebrate too early is what I would say. Can you think of one thing that has given you stress that’s really bad? People back in the day never took a test like ours, but the tests they took were different. ISTEP is nothing to many people, they don’t care. That is why I say you should listen, study,and work hard. 

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