2020 Rep Assembly Overview


On Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 the Indiana Association of Student Council (IASC) had the 2020 Representative Assembly! This event is where member schools of the IASC get to vote on the new district representative that will take the place of a senior that is leaving the executive committee. This year there were six students who ran for a district rep position, one from the North West, two from the North East, one from the Central West, one from Central East, one from South East, and none for South East. Out of the six people who ran five got a position. Maddie Perez, from Valparaiso High School, won the North West, Hannah Shapiro, from Warsaw Community, won the North East, Grace Wilson, from Franklin Central, won the Central West, Kelsey Mosley, from Blackford High School, won the Central West, and Chake Haake, from Mater Dei High School, the South West. Abi Walker, from Danville High School, won the position of president and I won the position of vice president. Bill Cordes was the keynote speaker and had an amazing program for all the students in attendance. Many students, advisors, and administrators won awards for their work in their home council and the IASC.