Rep Assembly 2020

     On March 11th, 2020 the Blackford High School student council will be headed down to Noblesville for an event called Representative Assembly, rep assembly for short. At this event student council who are members of the Indiana Association of Student Council, IASC, vote for people who are running to become a member of the Executive Committee. Candidates have to go through an interview process that dictates whether or not they can even present at rep assembly. Once they pass the interview process they come to rep assembly prepared to campaign. When the campaigning process is happening so much is going on. Candidates and their supporters are shouting slogans and why you should vote for them, they pass out candy and drinks, some people even hand out buttons or stickers! 

After the campaigning is done the speeches begin! A candidate is required to have a video that’s about a minute long explaining why they would be a great district representative, they also have to have a speech that they read to everyone participating that is about three minutes long. After the candidate gives their speech they are asked a series of questions some serious, some silly. This year the Blackford student council has a member running for district rep and that is…Kelsey Mosley! I am also running for Executive Committee President since I have already been on the executive committee for a year.

Lunch is provided since you have to pay a fee and there is also a keynote speaker! Our student council is so excited to go this year and support Kelsey! If any of this interests you contact Mrs.Rogers or me!