Middle School Reflection


Emma Daugherty, Newspaper



  Imagine being in a room filled with people you may or may not know, Oh wait, that’s high school. A lot of factors come with high school like learning, involvement, leadership, goals/directions, and many more skills. “As you may know,” our high school has recently been conjoined into a Jr. and Sr. high school and I decided that, what a better way than to interview other kids about their point of view towards the movement.


    Concluding that I asked a various amount of kids about their middle school/high school experience I used a set of questions like :


  • How is this year different from last year?
  • How does the setting of high school change them as middle schoolers?
  • If they could change anything about this school setting what would it be
  • What are some benefits that they enjoyed that the middle school didn’t offer last year?
  • If middle schoolers felt they had more freedom mix in with high schoolers?
  • If they felt like the athletic system has changed or even PE?  


After I asked those questions a lot of people said this year was different from last year, because there are more people and more stuff is being taught, that benefits them more. They also said the setting was smaller this year and their lockers are very far away. They said if they could change anything about the setting it would be to make their location of their lockers closer to their classrooms. A lot of people said that the classes offered this year like JROTC, math labs, and manufacturing really feel like they have the next steps into high school. Then kids said they felt they have more freedom in the Jr. Sr. high school than they did in middle school because you’re able to do more things, work at your own pace and are treated more as an adult. Finally, I asked them about the athletic system and they said they feel there are better opportunities with a bigger gym and not to mention a pool. Also, they said P.E is better gym wise because there’s more space to move around, so that’s really handy.


    After I interviewed some of the middle schoolers I thought, what about the teachers’ perspective. Then I asked teachers about the same questions and they said that this year there are smaller classrooms, but better opportunities to use the gym space and learning environments are stronger. “And” the teachers said they get to have different opinions on different things with “high school” teachers opinions, which is very helpful in their opinions. The teacher said they like the setting of the school but, the hallways need to be more aired out, and they also wish lockers were closer to classrooms. They think the students enjoy it more.


   Also, I can’t forget during the interviews I threw in a fun question it said “do you like the food better at the Jr. or the highschool?” almost all of the said highschool, because they have more options. They said they like the Lunchroom better not just for the chairs instead of benches, but it’s more spacious and the classrooms are closer to the lunchroom than they were at the Jr high last year. Well besides all that, most of the students and teachers really enjoy the Jr. Sr. high school and what it comes to offer, and I hope this article informs you about our recent situation and how it has impacted our students at BJSHS. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.