Key Club Activities

Madison Merkel

If you’re concerned about our community and want to be involved in some great service projects, sign up for key club today with Mrs.Janowski-Human in the guidance office! Community service hours look great on college resumes, and the best thing is that you can put as much or as little work into this club as you desire. However, there is a ten dollar membership fee to join, but if you can’t afford it at the moment, just let either faculty workers, Bernie Sones or Mrs. Janowski-Human know so they can help you work things out.

 Key Club has meetings about every two to three weeks so make sure you keep an eye out for posted signs on the walls or listen to the announcements at the end of school. If you can’t attend a meeting all you have to do is stop by Mrs. Janowksi-Human’s office to get the most recent agenda to keep up with our events. When you sign up, you will get a form to fill out so you can get text reminds of our gatherings. You will be an official member when you fill out the form and pay the fee. Not to forget, you will get a key club pin and a card stating you are an official member. 

Of course, this isn’t a club people have thrown together. It’s been around for a few years and the President is Jaycie Sones, the Vise President is Natile Thurman, and there is an open Secretary and Treasurer to be filled. If you ever have any questions you can also contact those two ladies. 

Now you’re probably wondering what community activities key club does. We normally try to do a project every month, but it doesn’t always turn out that was. However, this year, we went to the nursing home on November tenth to decorate the elder’s doors for the holidays. You should’ve seen how they smiled at us when we gave them a colored fall picture. They absolutely loved our company. After, we went bowling and had pizza. 

Our next project is coming up on December seventh. Were going to team up with Kiwanis to take fifty children shopping at Kohls. These are kids that need everything from clothes, hats, coats, gloves, and a toy for Christmas. We will meet at the girl scout house at seven-thirty in the morning and eat breakfast at the nursing home across the streets with the children. Then we will take them to kohls to shop and come back to have breakfast at McDonalds. It will be noon when we are finished and back to the girl scout house. Usually, we have one hundred dollars per child to spend so we can help make a child Christmas special. Sign up sheets will be in the guidance office, but you can only attend if you are a member of key club. 

Our next project we have planned so far is a tenderloin dinner on Friday, January twenty-fourth from four-thirty to seven o’clock at the high school cafeteria. We pass out and refill drinks, and throw away and trash the people might want thrown away. We will be selling tickets from the dinners when it gets closer to the time. Sign up sheets and tickets will be passed out at our next meeting in January. We will also come up with more ideas from projects in our upcoming meetings throughout the year.

 In previous years we made homemade puppy chow to sell at basketball games, and all the proceeds went to the animal shelter. We also held a tenderloin dinner the night of homecoming. In conclusion, all the money we raise goes back into the community!