10 Years Of Waiting Finally gets a new Terminator Game

Daniel Anderson

Relax, relax. I’m not doing another seven thousand word review like my last article, I’m going to cover a new game coming out in December this time. Terminator has been a cultural icon since 1984 way before any shooter besides Duck Hunt existed, inspiring 6 movies now, a long line of comics and video games as well as its own TV show, now that’s a lot of Terminator to go around. Unfortunately the series poster boy, Arnold Swarchenager won’t be reprising his role as one of the T-800’s and try to kill the leader of the resistance or help you fight the war, you’ve got a new T-800 model to fight (or any kind of special terminator for that matter). The Terminator has a multitude of genres to choose from, side scroller, beat em’ up, and a lackluster third-person shooter (Terminator salvation), but this time we got a First Person Shooter.
The setting is a post-apocalyptic Los Angelis in the year 2028, as humanity continues to fight a desperate war against an army of machines called “Terminators” produced and controlled by Skynet, a security system that was produced by the U.S. government to solve the world’s problems. Unfortunately, it deemed all life as a threat to the world so it launched a nuclear fallout causing billions to die, then it created the Terminators to wipe out the stragglers. It didn’t count for human retaliation because amongst the rubble one man rose against the machines, taught humans how to fight them and led the resistance against Skynet. That man’s name is John Conor, but you won’t be able to play as him or even receive orders directly from him, instead you play as a resistance soldier names Jacob Rivers who has been targeted for termination, and if he’s targeted for termination that means a high-end terminator was sent to kill him and not just normal foot soldiers like the T-800’s and Hunter Killer drones, and he must be a high-value target. Despite being just a private, Jacob is in for one wild ride… of your making. I can hear you guys saying to yourselves “what does he mean by ‘your making’”? Well unlike most FPS games based on a popular movie franchise, Terminator Resistance will offer an open world, a branching choice system, and plenty of side missions that will determine humanity’s fate and alter the ending. Jacob Rivers is part of a prestigious Spec-Ops group that in this game is tasked with smashing Skynet’s defense grid which will set the events of the first movie into motion, (go watch it if you want to see how that goes).
Gameplay looks about like how an FPS should look, use guns and explosives to thin out the enemy (which knowing the Terminator will not be easy) as well as pick up resources to survive. You can play in one of two ways, think of yourself as Rambo and gun through everything or take a more tactical and stealthy route. Explore, fight, collect, and overcome, play the way you want, at your pace. No, literally, at your own pace, it is also an open-world after all. Did I forget to mention that? In FPS games the norm is “shoot and move on to the next area” like Call of Duty or Halo, but some can have a whole city, state or country to explore such as Far Cry or Fallout. So far the game looks to be a single-player only but multiplayer may be in the game come release, but we haven’t even gone to the features that will be in the game. Like I said before, it’s an FPS game, and most FPS games have guns and explosives, such as the plasma rifles that are commonly seen in the movies but also some existing ballistic weapons as well, such as LMG’s, SMG’s, and shotguns to help you turn those T-800’s into scrap metal, and since it’s an open world you’ll need some big guns to take down the bigger terminators.
Since you’re fighting an army of machines you might think it wise to hack some of their defenses to take some heat off your back, luckily you can but from what I’ve seen in terms of gameplay it’s mostly turrets and door pads and not much else except for objectives. Once a terminator is destroyed you can salvage their scraps as trade items and craftables, such as weapon attachments and home-made explosives. Oh! Right! Weapon customizability will be a feature in this game, all you need are the right parts. But not a lot of info on how it will function in the game or how you can customize your weapon. You will also have a magnetic night vision that lets you see turrets and T-800’s behind cover, the best part is that if you’re out of their line of sight they can’t see you. The inventory system kind of reminds me of either Resident Evil 7, or the most recent Deus Ex games, try not to stuff your pockets too much or you won’t have room for anything else.
That just about covers it. What do you guys think? Does it show promise or will it be another disappointment? I for one have hope that it will succeed, and with the Terminator being added to Gears of War and Mortal Kombat alongside the release of a new movie, I say it’s a good time to be a terminator fan.