KFC’s dating simulator

KFC’s “I Love You Colonel Sanders” Dating Simulator

By: Kaitlin Miral



One of the newer releases on stream happens to be made by KFC! a dating simulator featuring Colonel Sanders himself and many other cute characters along with a rival.  The game is a traditional dating simulator adventure game, where you as the main character must romance the story’s characters. These types of games are more popular in the female franchize as most of the time the main character is that of the female gender but there are games out in the world where your playing as a male or get to choose what pronouns you would prefer. You may feel that a dating sim set in a culinary school, where you attempt to date KFC’s Colonel Sanders, is somewhat out of fantasy land, yet I’d contend that it’s the ideal setting. Singed chicken is exotic: the snacking, the bones, the moist disposable clothes. The main conceivable reason you can have in not winding up overwhelmed with desire at seeing a 10 piece deal can is in case you’re vegetarian, or in the event that you’ve recently originated from a Subway and appreciated a foot-long.



The characters in the game are marsh standard anime paradigms. Aeshleigh a purple haired female, your opponent, is haughty and mean. Your closest companion, Miriam, is vigorous and excited, and looks and acts so much like Kill La Kill’s comparable character Mako Mankanshoku that I half-expected to have the option to chop down my adversaries with half of a mammoth pair of scissors. Colonel Sanders himself is an attractive and easy bishonen, a secretive beautiful kid with the enthusiastic profundity of a paper plate. That is the place where all the characters start and end. Professor Dog (A character loved by the fandom greatly)puts his understudies through three days of culinary preparing before graduation in a visual novel–style story with dubiously playable scaled down games, the most intuitive of which has you take on an incredibly mildew covered spork in a turn-based battle. There’s so little substance in every last bit of it that it barely feels like a game or intelligent involvement with all



One begins in their room, with dreams of becoming a great culinary artist, spreading throughout their soul. At the start, the player awakens for their first day at a prestigious academy for culinary arts, with a  three-day semester ahead of them. Accompanied by your best friend Miriam, your archrivals, and a number of other strange characters, your days at the academy are filled with alluring aromas, particularly one surrounding the school’s rising star, Colonel Sanders. Your objective is clear: show off how cool you are to Sanders in an attempt to win his heart and maybe graduate, too. But mainly show off to your classmate Colonel Sanders.



All through everything, you, as the player-character, are endeavoring to sentiment Colonel Sanders. The main genuine approach to gain the Colonel’s heart in I Love You, Colonel Sanders! is by dazzling him with your cooking ability and information, and you’re contending with one of the glitz menaces to win his affection. Unexpectedly, similar to Colonel Sanders dating sim, she’s everything style over substance, regularly making nourishment that is actually too lovely to even consider eating; she won’t let a Professor Dog trial her last supper. As it’s anything but difficult to charm Colonel Sanders with your pureed potatoes and macintosh and-cheddar. (Not all that fortuitously, KFC as of late propelled an item that is chicken fingers blended with macintosh and-cheddar.)


On the off chance that you neglect to win his adoration during the game, you’ll get a brief to invert any off-base answers you picked and right your missteps. On my play-through, I won Colonel Sanders’ heart, yet he didn’t need me to turn into his colleague. Bummer.



You would think coming this far they would have a serious plot line to move the story along…but you have definitely entered the wrong game for that. This KFC dating sim would not be “for the memes” enough if it didn’t exude unfiltered chaos throughout its main course. It’s certain to get a snicker out of most meme-loving membranes. Dark arts, dad humor, extravagant food dishes, and supernatural elements all house this incredibly volatile plotline. It doesn’t make any sense and leaves little doubt as to how seriously they wished this project to be viewed. In that vein, KFC hits a home run with this dating sim. Anyone without any sort of cynical inclinations will likely adore this. Story and characters are totally indistinguishable in the beforehand settled respect. Nothing bodes well and whatever rationale applies is just towards one’s sentiment with Sanders. The names one will learn to pursue similarly as aloofly, showing up when they have to and applying strain to keep one speculating. Aeshleigh, one of two archrivals, has a plan properly engaging, and furthermore feels weak at the knees over Sanders. Others, for example, Pop and Crash are authoritative instances of the humor through their whole presence. Miriam is likely the most “typical” expansion to the cast, however her “allure” of an awkward, self-questioning individual just scarcely surfaces. With Colonel Sanders, KFC authorizes their groundbreaking strategy, urging the player to speak to his heart with professional KFC menu things and close 100% dedication. As a visual novel, I Adore You, Colonel Sanders! doesn’t generally say anything with the exception of “Buy our food.” That may simply be the most noticeably awful part. This is valid in even the goofiest dating sims. There’s Hatoful Boyfriend, a game wherein you date pigeons and that tries to present characters who are adorable and fascinating. There’s Nameless, a game wherein you experience passionate feelings for ball-jointed dolls that have sprung up. It has extreme backstories for each adoration intrigue and adequately displays lives influenced by injury. afterward, there’s Colonel Sanders, a probably comedic dating game with nothing more than trouble jokes and, more awful, with no characters you can truly feel. As per the standard with visual books, KFC’s dating sim follows to the convention by not permitting more than clicks, content, and a few choices. In a few ways, this hour-long encounter doesn’t offer much of anything other than a few winks and references to external impacts. There’s one arrangement where one is doing combating a beast and it revels in a little scrap of turn-based combat. Another grouping includes replying rapid-fire questions beneath a time, which was in fact upsetting. These were the as it were two occurrences where Psyop chose to do more than the uncovered least, proceeding to take after a generally-linear way to the conclusion. Per a few perceptions from others, it appears that the choices one makes does matter, in spite of the fact that the diversion helps in having the player make the proper choices. Evidently, one can be provoked to rewind and do-over choices ought to they screw up some place along the way. It isn’t colossally difficult, in spite of the fact that apprentices may battle to get it how individuals work in visual books. It would be unbecoming to have it be as well difficult, in spite of the fact that, as that would restrain the company’s finger-lickin’ good handle on.



By a wide margin, the most excessive piece of KFC’s dating sim comes through in the imaginative office.MVP praises go to Van, who watches appropriate out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with his star-molded pompadour and strong body. The visual functions of the game are additionally well-actualized, as everything filled in as proposed and was demonstrated smoothly. Should this be crafted by Psyop, it’s not amazing, as one of the better pieces of Camp W was the imaginative nearness. Dismissing everything else, it helps the arbitrary nature of the game to have also disorganized aesthetic plan.



One may take issue with how little is actually said when all is well and done. “A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one,” the company will say if their profits increase beyond the day of the game’s release. The ability to cook up a dating sim in an effort to stretch their empire ever further through the guise of irony is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Forced, hollow, and really pretty-looking, I Love You, Colonel Sanders! is like a gaudy arrow to the knee.


Personal Review

The game itself did put a huge impact on things once it hit the gamers world. Unlike any other fast food business, they took things to a whole new level to sponsor their company. The art style of the game is basic and fun at often times changing up determining on the character and how it is wanted to be put out. The game would be something I would love to check out on my own but unfortunately, this game is only for computer download.


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