What is Deja Vu?


For pretty much as long as I can remember I’ve been having deja vu and although I’ve almost always had this experience I’ve never really looked into what it means or why it happens. The first thing I’ve found out so far is that deja vu means “already seen” in French. Now that we know this let’s go on an adventure to find out why this weird phenomenon happens. 

Now for those of you who do not know what I am talking about, deja vu is the feeling that you’ve already experienced the exact situation you are currently in. So, why does this happen is it something scientific, supernatural, or religious? From what I have read so far deja vu is a familiarity that is way too strong to be normal and makes you feel strange. We do not know exactly how common deja vu is but it’s somewhere between 30%-100%. We can’t find how common it is because we can not ask everyone in the world and because when asking about deja vu the people being asked could be given definitions.

What we know about the people that deja vu commonly occurs to is that they are younger. Some people say they first experienced deja vu at age 6, most people have it by age 10, and you will experience it most between ages 15-25. After age 25 deja vu gradually decreases. Deja vu could also mean that you have a healthy mind and can recognize things that are familiar but are slightly off. Scientifically we don’t have a definite answer on why deja vu happens, but it might be because of our temporal lobe. According to people with temporal lobe epilepsy, they experience deja vu right before they have a seizure. 

A theory some people have is that someone who is experiencing deja vu has had a precognitive dream. A precognitive dream is basically when you have a dream that “predicts the future” or just takes things you’ve seen in the past and combines them in a dream and you then experience this dream in real life. However, that’s all I got from this theory and there is no real evidence to back this up other than first-hand accounts which aren’t completely reliable.

In conclusion, we don’t truly know what deja vu is, but it seems that scientists are getting closer and closer every day to the answer.