Why Are Parents in Movies Horrible at Parenting?


Yesterday I went home sick, and you are probably wondering why I am telling you this. Well, after I got home and settled into bed, I decided to scroll through Netflix and see what new movies they have added. As I got towards the end of the newly added section, I saw one of the movies my sisters and I watched a lot as children. This movie is My Sister’s Keeper. I guess as a six-year-old child I did not really get what the plot of the movie was, just that Kate and Taylor die and they should not have. After about twenty minutes I realized just how bad of parents Sara and Brian are. I then realized almost all movie and TV show parents kind of suck. So I have decided to find out why.

Now I know a lot of the time parents have to not know how to parent to move the plot along, but it is kind of ridiculous how little parents care about their kids in movies. For example Home Alone yes, the movie would not have even happened without Kevin being left behind but seriously? How do you forget your child at home while going on a FAMILY vacation and then do it a second time I just do not understand. Another example is Girls Just Want To Have Fun this is a case of parents being too protective. All Janey wants to do is try out for a dance show and her father says no and his reason is basically that he is in the military.

Don’t get me wrong I love both of these movies and I think that is exactly the point. I hate to say this, but people absolutely love tragedy. Whenever something horrible happens we all take advantage of it and want to know what has happened. It is the same way with movies. When parents are rude or do not pay enough or too much attention to their child we all want to watch and see what will happen. We want to know if the parent will get what they deserve for not appreciating the child given to them. 

Another reason I think we love movies like this is that a lot of people can relate to this on some level. All of us have gotten mad at our parents because we felt they weren’t treating us fairly or correctly. Seeing as we feel like this we love to see parental figures getting punished even though we love our parents, it is like a little release for that resentment we hold towards them for whatever it is we did or they did. 

In conclusion, I think we keep seeing this storyline in a lot of movies because it sells. Movie productions know we relate to this type of story so they keep feeding it to us even though most of us do not relate to it on that large of a level as most of the movies we see.