Harry Styles New Album


Allison Zuber, Contributor

Harry Styles has not released new music in two years and many of his fans, including myself were ecstatic when we started noticing small things that could be hinting at a new album coming. So many different details have come out on his new album. In March, a singer by the name of Liam Gallagher had said that he had some new music from Harry and had lots of praise for the new music. Another thing to take into consideration is that Harry was recently on the cover of Rolling Stones. A month before his first album he was on the cover as Rolling Stones as well which means we could be getting new music very soon.

Many other things have pointed that he is releasing his new album soon. For example, he turned down the opportunity to play Eric in the live-action Little Mermaid and said he was focusing on other projects at the moment. He has also been seen shooting a project in Mexico and Scotland, but this might be for an upcoming film. So, nothing is set in stone, but many people believe we will be getting something very soon.