The Mental Health Effects on Students Caused by School

When you look around your classroom, what do you see? I know I see many faces, lots of them not smiling looking completely stressed and it’s only the first month of school! So, I’ve decided to do some research and figure out if school, kindergarten through college, have any long-term effects on mental health. Come with me as I find out if school can physically and mentally harm you.

Let’s start with children and teenagers who have developed a mental health disorder not because of school. These kids often struggle in school for multiple reasons. Many of these children are not treated or receive any help with their disorder at all! Children with mental illness do not get the extra attention they need in the classroom and their situation is not understood by most teachers. Kids with mental illness have the lowest graduation rate of any disability group with only 40% graduating.

Now I want to know, does school cause mental illness? From what I have read there is a connection between the stress at school and the rise of mental illness in the new generation. The amount of stress put onto high school students to do everything correctly in school to get into the best college is insane. Even if you do well in school, you have extra pressure to continue doing well from teachers and family. Even when you get into college you have challenging classes and have to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. That would make anyone unstable.

What can we do to help students with mental disorders? Well, we can start by training teachers to know the signs of  mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.) Once they know the signs they could potentially help the student with whatever is going on in the moment. Another way to help them is to allow them to take a break or step out of the room to calm down or de-stress. Also, teachers should make sure the kids understand what they mean when assigning a project or homework and if they don’t help them out more. As a student, we could make sure that they are doing well and that they aren’t extremely stressed. We can always help out our peers with issues.

I have found my answer to my original question. I do believe that school can genuinely worsen mental illness if not, cause it. So, maybe we should start considering what we could do to take more stress off of us as students or maybe what teachers could do to make us more comfortable in school.