Shooting and Looting Again in Borderlands 3

Daniel Anderson

Borderlands has been an awesome and bandit filled RPG with literal RPGs since 2009 and just keeps getting better. The story always takes place on Pandora, and no I don’t mean the planet with the blue monkeys from Avatar, I meant the wasteland planet filled with bandits, psychos, and ugly animals. Borderlands 2 took what was already good about the first game and improved on it, while the Pre-Sequel just made Borderlands 2 on the moon. Borderlands essentially made sub-genre of RPG games called a “shooter-looter” that basically paved the way for games like Destiny, or Warframe, and none have made the magic that Borderlands has in years.
Like most Borderlands games, Borderlands 3 takes place (or in this case “starts”) on Pandora as one of 4 Vault Hunters, Moze-The Bot Jock (soldier) who can spawn a mech out of thin air to wreak havoc on the enemies. Amara-Siren (brute) who can psychically make 6 extra arms in order to trap enemies in place or pound hard enough on the ground that the baddies around you can feel the full force. Zane-Operative (sniper) who can summon a hologram of himself to distract and damage enemies, similar to Jack the Doppelganger from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel only this time player controlled. Last but not least FL4K-The Beastmaster (enforcer), who like Wilhelm from previous games had two companions with him, FL4K will have 3, a Skag which is like an ugly dog with 3 jaws for ground damage, a Spiderant that (knowing Spiderants) can burrow underground to surprise enemies, and finally a Rakk (which is an ugly bird with an anger issue) that can swoop down on foes similar to Bloodwing from Borderlands 1 owned by Mordecai who makes an appearance in this game.
Now every good game with a hero to play as also has to have a villain to fight against, Halo has the prophets, Gears of War has Queen Mira, and Mario has Bowser. After Borderlands 2 made sure that the protagonists killed off Handsome Jack, and Tales from the Borderlands made sure that he’s never returning Borderlands 3 introduces 2 main antagonists, called the Calypso Twins, Troy (the ring leader) and Tyreen (Troys siren sister) who basically run a religion around opening the Eridian Vaults, and they plan on stripping all sirens of their powers. In Borderlands the Sirens are like the Jedi from Star Wars only more rare as there can only be 6 sirens in existence at a time, 2 of which are now dead. The first ever siren we saw was Lilith in Borderlands 1 as a playable character, the second was the first antagonist of the franchise, Comedont Steel, the third siren was Mya who was the playable hero of the second game, the fourth was Angel, Handsome Jack’s daughter who was first introduced as an A.I. in the first game, now we have these new characters (the two that are dead is Comedont Steel, and Angel).
Now about the weapons, if you’re expecting me to explain if there is one specific weapon for one specific situation you would be dead wrong. As much as I love to organize and choose which weapon of a variety to use as the next guy this game makes sure that your only using the better of the two weapons, as there are over 1 billion weapons to use. Want a shotgun that can talk, this game has you covered, want a laser weapon that can freeze enemies in place, look no further, how about a gun with legs, if it’s on this list of wacky weapons it’s in Borderlands (let that sink in for a bit, a gun… with legs… walking around… shooting bandits… need I say more).
A lot of other journalists have already talked about this game saying that this game is basically Borderlands 2 all over again without even playing the dang game. As much as innovating upon an already good game is praised it can also be a games killing point and Gearbox learned this early on. Halo tried to innovate its gameplay and that more or less divided the fanbase, now it’s digging itself out of the grave they’ve gotten themselves in. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel received lackluster reviews when it came out but it’s safe to say that, that game was more experimentation and used that feedback to consider what to do with the next game.
By the way, if you’re expecting a Battle Royale game mode don’t hold your breath as this game has no PvP aside from Duels in the open world. Borderlands 3 won’t stray away from its core shooter-looter gameplay, with loot boxes found in bandit camps and fortresses, hero upgrades, character rankings, and different weapons with different effects. Depending on the weapons manufacturer depends on what the weapon is best at, Dahl is your standard military rifles and pistols, Maliwan is good for elemental damage such as “Shock”, “Fire”, “Corrosive”, and “Slag”, Tediore weapons can be tossed like a rock and explode like a grenade after running out of ammo, the more you fire a Hyperion weapon the more stable and accurate it gets, and finally Torgue weapons have explosive bullets (my personal favorite). All of these weapons and more can be found off of fallen enemies, loot boxes scattered around the world(s), or bought at the Marcus Munitions vending machines.
Now characters will be returning for more mayhem, I already covered Lilith and Mordecai, but more will be found as well such as Marcus who makes sure that you’re armed and fully stocked, for a price. Brick the brute of the first game. Mya the second games Siren. Zer0 (a bigger number than you) who is pretty much an alien ninja. Sir Hammerlock-gentleman archeologist. Patricia Tannis an insane scientist. Tiny Tina the world’s deadliest 13-year-old. Mad Moxxi bartender for the crimson raiders. Rhys the accountant turned vault hunter of Hyperion. And finally everyone’s favorite mistake the CL4PTR4P Steward bot (or Claptrap for short).
This game will be one for the books especially compared to recent triple-A titles that milk you for your money (you wouldn’t want a relative of yours stealing your credit card to purchase RNG loot boxes to get something digital would you[?]). With Borderlands 3 sticking to its traditional gameplay and no major microtransactions this is one game that will put big-name developers like Activision to its knees. As always leave a comment down below and I’ll see you all on Pandora on September 13, 2019.