Is prom worth it?


Cierra Arnold

It’s that time a the year, warmer weather, antzy kids and prom. Prom causes students to lose their minds. Girls worrying about dresses and dates all the while the boys well- put up with it all. Who even decided to come up with prom anyways?

Prom can be traced back to basic co-ed banquets that 19th century universities held for each year’s graduating class. Yet with the increasing teenage culture it caused it to be pushed back to younger ages. It really started in the 1950’s economy allowed high schools to use funds to avoid using the gym and deciding to make prom happen in hotels or country clubs. As the times changed so did prom it adapted to the societal change. Prom locations would change until it eventually would be held within the school.

Depending on the school system, policies and budget proms can be very different. Some schools can afford to not only decorate the gym they can take the activities outside with games and other fun things. Some schools don’t have prom in their gym they take prom off of school grounds.

Many high schoolers stress over prom, especially girls. First big thing is finding a date. If  you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend then getting a date is so much easier. Dresses can cost anywhere from $150 to even $700. Then there is the hair, makeup, and nail appointment. Each component costs a lot on depending where you go. Nails alone at the cheapest can cost $25, hair ranges from $50-$100. If your lucky makeup can be done free of charge. Most male students don’t own a suit so they either borrow on, rent one or buy one. Basic suit rentals can cost $196 up to $500. The tickets alone cost anywhere from $20 to $80. Prom is a very expensive event.

Students and parents alike feel like prom is a special event. They both feel like prom is a transition to adulthood and it serves as a special night. This can be due to the media’s fault. Movies had placed a sort of high importance on prom night. Portraying it as a once in a lifetime event, that no other event will be like it. Despite this, many who have been to prom will tell you that the movies are very wrong. Prom is very different from what many expect. In any case, whether you go to your prom or not many have told me that you aren’t missing much.,9171,1987594,00.html