Photo taken by Halie Starks, in the Blackford High School.
Photo taken by Halie Starks, in the Blackford High School.

Flowey and Plenty of Plants: BHS Plant Sale

April 22, 2019

The title of this article is pretty wacky, but it does have a reference to a video game. Comment down below the game if you know what game the reference is from. Anyways, my topic for this article is for the Blackford High School plant sale on May 4th and May 5th. The main sale is on the first weekend of May.

Although on May 2nd and May 1st there is going to be a pre-sale where teachers can come to buy plants early. This pre-sale does also include the parents of the children who helped with the greenhouse. So that their families can buy plants earlier.

Each of the plants vary in price depending on how much you buy and what the said plant is in. For example a whole basket of plants or flowers is going to be more than one single pot of plants.The prices vary between one dollar to fifteen dollars! The plant sale does sell out pretty quickly so be sure to be here at the high school on those dates mentioned at nine o’clock.

The sale ends at five o’clock so stop on by. It should not be that hard to find since there will be students helping with the sale, and lots of people to guide your way! Some of the students helping with the sale, for example me Halie Starks, are very well educated in the plants. So if you have any questions feel free to ask someone.

The students and Shelbi Louck have worked very hard with caring for the plants in the greenhouse. So everyone’s support is very helpful in encouraging students in the class, and students outside of the class to take care of plants and flowers. The sale is going to be a fun experience for all, but make sure to get here early to have the best selection on plants.

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