Xbox On The Go, No Console Needed

April 5, 2019

Have you ever played a good game of Fable and have to go to school but can’t take the game with you? Well say no more because in 2019/2020 Microsoft will be launching Project XCloud, a free Xbox service that lets you take your Xbox games with you on the go, all you need is an Xbox Live account, and an internet connection as well as some digital games. This can be applied to multiple different situations, such as games that aren’t split-screen capable and you really want to play Halo 5 with your sibling (I actually have that situation right now) once XCloud launches, now you can. Or say if you’re a parent playing a good RTS game and your child wants to play a lackluster game like Fortnite well fear no more because you can still play Supreme Commander 2 on your Smartphone and the kid can play Fortnite on the family console.
The XCloud app also has Xbox live gold capabilities such as Party Chat, Online Multiplayer, and even a quick look at the Xbox Live store to see what games or movies you’re interested in. You can also check achievements as well as what your friends are up to on your phone no less all with the same computing power and quality of an Xbox console. Now I know what you’re thinking “but Daniel, doesn’t a phone or tablet have less computing power than an Xbox” well this is why it’s called project XCloud as you can save your progress in the cloud servers open up the XCloud app on your phone and continue your game where you left off effectively streaming the game. Now you can play games like Gears of War at an airport, or Deus Ex at work during your spare time at top performance just make sure that the internet you’re using is reliable.
Now you know how I said “no console required”? Well, the same can be said for an Xbox One controller but it might be easier to play your game with the controller. XCloud will allow you to play the games you want using the apps built-in controller system, but the only downside comes when you’re playing a certain genre of game such as a First Person Shooter. You would constantly get shot and die before you can get your thumb on the trigger at the top of the screen. If you don’t have a controller on hand I advise you just play a Real Time Strategy, or Turn Based RPG. I say “if you don’t have a controller on hand” because using Bluetooth you can use an actual, physical, Xbox One controller to play the game on your phone.
All in all, I think XCloud has a bright future ahead of itself, and with portable console games being a more popular idea I think Microsoft will lead the charge of game streaming. Sony already tried this kind of thing with PS Now but you needed a physical console to play the games, no thanks PlayStation. Best of all XCloud is FREE, so that you don’t have to spend a dime to stream the game you already own. Just imagine what Microsoft will cook up for gamers in the near future, such as Virtual Reality on an Xbox, Monetization similar to YouTube and twitch (yes YouTube will pay real money to its creators, find out more on that on your own), or even just a way you can use your voice to speak with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Leave a comment down below on whether or not you think this will be a success, or if it will blow up in Microsoft’s face.

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