Freshman and New students at Blackford

Emily Huffman, Writer

High school can be stressful for incoming freshman or coming to a new school can be stressful too. Many students are unsure about coming to high school because of all the things they’ve heard about it, which is supposedly bad. High school is really fun and there is nothing any student should be worried about. In high school, you can get involved in many different activities and clubs that are really amazing. Also in high school, you have more freedom to do things like choosing your classes, going to dances, and you can choose what clubs or other activities you want to be involved in.

New students that come to Blackford should get involved in student council I think because you have many opportunities. In Student Council, you can go meet new people and go to different places and do great things. Another good thing to get involved in is sports because it keeps you active and it is very fun. When freshman come to the high school they should just worry about their grades and keeping them up because if you pay attention in class and study it can be really easy to get good grades.