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Long Development Finally Comes to an End

January 28, 2019

Kingdom Hearts has been a beloved JRPG since 2003 and has since seen a number of games, featuring appearances from Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and so many more, as well as Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy cast. Kingdom Hearts is one of those games that shouldn’t be much of a success but is one anyway, like a cheesy movie that should not have gotten a sequel. The first entry in the series was enjoyable, and the second game was even more so, but the events that went down between the two games is very blurry and needed some explanation. Square Enix did make several spin-off games helping flesh out the story, but that’s all the series was for the last 13 years. Spin-off after spin-off fans wanted a new mainline game and so after a long development period, and a lot of trailers being released for the past 4 years Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming out, but this time not restricted to just the PlayStation.
January 29, could not come sooner, this game offers even more worlds to explore from Disney favorites from Big Hero 6, Toy Story, and more on top of returning to Mount Olympus, and the Caribbean seas. That’s just a small fraction of the worlds on the Disney side of the game, and with Square Enix’s recent work with Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause it’s likely that we’ll get to meet the characters from these franchises alongside returning Final Fantasy roles. Will we actually see the likes of Agent 47 (Hitman) in this game? Probably not, but hey I could be wrong. The game will likely play the same as previous entries in the series with a menu to control your actions, from using an item in your inventory, performing magic, or hitting the enemy with your keyblade (key-shaped sword [the game’s Japanese just roll with it]).
The game also offers a number of summons (being a JRPG) from the Genie from Aladdin, to Chicken Little, as well as new never before seen Disney characters, and hopefully some monsters from the Final Fantasy games. It also has a new summon type called “Dimension Summons” which lets you call upon an ally you’ve met in previous worlds, and/or games, such as a flaming ghost version of Simba from The Lion King. The game also offers a new special move called “Attraction Flow” where you get to use Disney World theme park rides as weapons, imagine defeating one of the games many monsters (excluding Monsters Inc. characters) with Disney’s teacup ride. Funny image isn’t it?
Back then on the PS2, the party limit was constrained 3 party members letting you utilize the abilities of your character, as well as Goofy and Donald, and allowing you to replace one of your 2 allies with one world specific character. Now you can have up to 5 party members (likely due to the power of the Xbox One and PS4) including the player character, Donald, Goofy, and 2 other world-specific characters. Story-wise most people would think that since this is the third game in the series and a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, but those people would be wrong as Kingdom Hearts 3 is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance released back in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS and later in 2017 remastered on PS4. The story for those who are new would be very confusing without a little explanation, such as the whole keyblade war (don’t ask) Organization 13, and everything in between. One more thing, this is the thirteenth game in the series.
Now being a big game where you travel from world to world in an open world style you’ll need some sort of transportation, so the gummy ship function from the second game returns. Being like the second game’s navigation you have full 360 control of your ship while traveling to other worlds and full customization of your ship, if you find the right parts in the game you could make your ship whatever you can imagine, the list goes from flying toasters, to the X-Wing from Star Wars. Nothing big about your transportation, but nothing small either, until the release we don’t know the extent of how that’ll play out.
Being a JRPG the progression system would be about the same as KH2 by defeating enemies to get experience but one small tweak is that your weapons can gain experience and improve over use, so if you see a keyblade you really like no need to worry about weapon stats you can just make it stronger. The keyblade also gets a new ability never before seen in a KH game where the weapon can transform depending on player performance, and these can include twin handguns, crossbows, or even turning this weird weapon into a bazooka, it all depends on what keyblade the player uses. It’s also worth noting that you can equipped and switch between three keyblades at a time, allowing smoother style-based combat and no longer needing to wait until the end of a fight to switch between your weapons.
For those of you who like a little parkour in a game similar to Assassin’s Creed, Dying Light, or Mirrors Edge, don’t worry KH3 has you covered. “Flow Motion” was introduced in KH dream drop distance as a way to fly around the environment, jump off walls, and interact with surrounding objects allowing more mobility and flow of combat to the character. Alongside better mobility you can use your momentum to send out some dynamic attacks, how well that’ll flow into game-play is still unclear because when it came to movement and combat in a KH game, players are always fighting the camera control.
To wrap this article up it is definitely worth noting that if you pre-ordered either deluxe editions of the game you only get physical collectibles, like figurines, action figures, a sticker book, and a pin. Notice how I didn’t include a digital pre-order bonus like say, a season pass? Square Enix is really paying attention to the gaming community, as most triple-a titles include season passes, micro-transactions, or additional content only attainable through pre-orders, (looking at you Activision, EA’s not out of the woods either) KH3 offers none of that and makes sure you got exactly what you paid for. If you want a fun JRPG to relax after school or work, or are really interested in how this Disney/Square Enix crossover turns out then check this game out. Other than that I really want to know what your opinions are, and if I left out anything, so comment down below on what you think. I encourage discussion just don’t turn the comment section into a warzone, everyone is entitled to their opinions, just respect that.

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