Through The Glass


Briana Lee, Writer

Through The Glass


         I walked into the house with no vision. Every room was a blank canvas just waiting to be painted or decorated. Every pile of boxes piled up to the ceiling as it was being moved in from the truck. I went up the stairs to the guest bedroom, the first door on the left.  There was a mirror hanging up on the wall. I asked the moving guy, Bill, behind me if he had put it in the room. Shaking his head, he said no. I peered at it for a minute only to notice a distinct object standing in the doorway. The object moved side to side while its head continuously shook back and forth very rapidly. I jumped with fear at the sight of what I saw. Bill walked over to see what was wrong, but all I could do was stare at the mirror.

I turned to him, “You can leave everything in the dining room and go on your way. I can handle it from here.”

“Are you sure. You seemed a little dazed a minute ago; we can stay and help.” Bill offered.

“No it’s quite alright, I can handle it. Besides you men have other work to do and places to be.”

“Alright ma’am, have a nice day.”

I nodded and smiled a fake smile as I escorted them out the door. All I could think about was what I saw in the mirror. I walked to the dining room to start unpacking in an attempt to ease my mind.

        After four hours of unpacking boxes, I sat in front of the TV and ate a bowl of ice cream. It felt so nice to finally take a break, but out of nowhere, I saw this thing in the corner of the room. It appeared to have something shiny. I walked over to pick it up; it was silver. Silver with gold outlining of the name Michael. Inside was a picture of a little boy and his mom. I looked at the picture of the boy closer and I realized it was the same boy I saw in the mirror. The same dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, but something was different. The boy in the picture seemed to be happier than the one I saw; his face was more sunken in too. His eyes darker than the night sky with a bright gloss. I shut the necklace and slowly stood up as if someone was behind me; holding me at knife point.

I turned to find him standing at the doorway facing away from me. Almost as if he was waiting for something or waiting for someone to walk by.

“Are you Michael? Are you the one in the picture?”

         After a second pause, he turns to me and points down the hallway as if to show me something. There was nothing there, I turned to ask him what he was pointing at, but he was gone. I looked around the living room to find him, but didn’t find anything besides another picture. It was a picture of the boy in a casket with his mother standing beside him. As I looked closer to the picture, the casket was laying in the guest bedroom upstairs.

        Suddenly, the hallway light comes on with no hesitation as it flickers like a strobe light. I turned and stood dropping the picture to the floor. I walk to the end of the hallway and find the boy to be standing with his mother standing next to him. Like a channel change on a TV, I see her hang herself from the ceiling with her son standing next to her swinging, lifeless body. I scream in fear and the light goes out making me run to the other end of the living room. I stop to see if I could hear anything, but all I can hear is the swinging of her body from the ceiling. I start to walk towards the hallway again; then a thunderous thud hit the floor and I shriek in anxiety. I start to hear footsteps come closer and closer down the hallway. As if the thing was limping from being hurt. I close my eyes and I hear her in the living room coming closer and closer. I open my eyes to find her in front of me face to face with her eyes blood red and skin color almost completely blue pigmented. She stares me straight in eyes as I cover my mouth to keep from screaming as I cry in fear. She turns her head and glares at me as if it were the stare of death. She grabs me by my neck pushing me up the wall with a stare of darkness. I started feeling fuzzy as if my mind was going blank. Then I saw it, her past through her memory in my eyes like a premonition…

      I can see her moving in with her son Michael carrying boxes. They had been living in the house for a couple weeks and just going in from playing outside. Michael and his mom had just finished dinner and she got a call from the hospital saying, her mother had just had a massive stroke. A couple of days later, her mother passes away from a heart attack. She started getting very irritable and beat her son for everything that was wrong. Michael then started talking to an “imaginary” friend named Chris.

      After awhile Michael changed from having Chris as a friend and started to fight back against his mom whenever she went to beat him. She then noticed that Chris wasn’t an imaginary friend, but a demon who was trying to consume Michael. She took him to a priest and asked for help, but the priest said that the demon was too strong and already had him. Then the next night Michael hung his mother in the hallway from the ceiling light. Then it stopped and I fell to the floor. She stood there looking at me and slowly moved her mouth.

“Run. Run!!!” She screamed

       I got up and ran for the front door, but it wouldn’t open and neither would the back door.
I tried the windows, but none would budge or even crack. In an attempt to run to the attic remembering the there is a ladder that leads to the roof outside. I open the door and pull the ladder down, but then I heard a laughter. I turn to find Michael behind me laughing with eyes so black you thought he had no eyes. He lifts his hand and clutches his fist; I couldn’t breathe. It was as if he was choking me without touching me. I squirmed in the air trying to get it to stop, but I couldn’t. Just as I was about to take my final breathe she appears again and looks at me sternly.

“Say his name. Don’t let it win. Say his name.”

I try to say his name but no words come out, but then I start to feel as if I could breathe again. She’s helping me pulling the force away from my neck.


“MICHAEL!” I scream with tears running down my eyes.

      Suddenly it stops and he lets me down, his eyes back to the dark brown like they were in the picture. His mother starts walking towards him and all he does is stare at her. She suddenly grabs him by his throat and strangles the demon out of him with a black mass coming out of his mouth. Then the mass says a name, it was Mary. She turns to look at me and says:


I go up the ladder and onto the roof and suddenly hear a triumphant scream come from inside the attic. I cry as I sit there waiting for the police.

After two weeks from that incident I moved out of the house and as I walked out I said:

“Thank you.”