Save The World

Cam Elam, Writer

      Fortnite, Epic Games pronounced the Halloween event “Fortnitemares” and plans to introduce different challenges every couple days as part of the upstate. Now that Halloween Fortnite update is over, they are coming out with an update for NFL Football skins and pickaxes.
A new Fortnite update had come out the day of Nov, 6. “The Hunting Party”, is a lot similar to the Road Trip challenges in earlier seasons. Also allowed players a chance of earning a little extra XP, so leveling up wasn’t as hard of a grind.
      The loading screen for this week shows two Van Helsing rip-offs destroying an army of gloom zombies. You can also see the star scratched into the tree in the background, but also can be found on the (I6) location on the map, north of Paradise Palms and east of Retail Row.
The Soccer Field in Pleasant Park has been turned into a Football Field to go along with the NFL Football skins that are out. Now that Fortnite is back to normal(no more Fortnitemares), there was a slight of hope that the challenges this week would keep the game interesting, it looks like it’s going to be a grind this update. The NFL outfits have a November 9 release date on PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.
        According to Fortnite Epic Games, the NFL skins can be switched to any of the 32 (National Football League) teams. You’ll be able to pick your number that you want to appear on your jerseys. Three male and three female NFL skins will be released, also referee costumes. Referee skins are also included, as Striped Solder.
        The referee outfits are (uncommon) skins, which means they will all cost 800 V-bucks. The main NFL skins are all Epic, so they will cost 1,500 V-bucks. New items such as NFL pickaxes and Gliders will also be available. As the new season is coming up for season 7 it may take place as season 6 with Fortnitemares. They may end up doing the same thing they did with season 6. Could the Fortnite season 7 Battle Pass take cues from this event for its rumored winter land theme? Fans were talking about and looking forward to the Fortnite gifting feature when it was dropped months ago in July. The in-game timer suggests Season 6 may end on December 5. Season 7 will follow shortly after. Season 7 could more exciting with the release of the gifting feature, which would fit in perfectly with Christmas. Twitter user @The1Jaren8r found brand new assets for the gifting feature, which would rumors it’s coming soon. In-game screens show the four different types of gifts. We might see that Fortnite Epic Games players will be able to send to other players. The gift system feature white boxes with different color bows, and ribbons. Although one comes in various packaging.
         In the next update coming up is “The Turret,” it is the first item that can be placed and used as a weapon in Fortnite, it will be the first trap/item to be able to do this, but it will most likely be a trap item. The somatic (Blueprint) that you will need to ‘hop-in’ to the Turret, which will leave you vulnerable to other players that can see you whilst you are firing the Turret. We may see a cool-down bar, as it will overheat if you keep continuing to fire. This is an uprising addition in this game as there are other weapons that have been datamined, such as the Flamethrower, but haven’t been added to the game yet.
Also in the new update, Fortnite Epic Games had removed a few weapons, the Dual Pistols, Semi-Auto Sniper and the Guided Missile, but they are still a choice in Playground mode. There are many leaked skins and weapons in previous updates coming up. As the new update comes along There were many new ideas that have been added to the v6.30 update. But it seems there is a Skin. The Skin currently has only a body but with no face. Although it looks like a chicken-themed skin. The somatic name for the Skin is “Tender Defender”. There are many leaked somatic skins or many more.  As Chicken Skin has not been completed, it is likely that we will see a glider in the Fortnite Item Shop anytime soon. This is what we could see happen in the feature with the other Skin.