New Season, New seasons

New Season, New seasons

Rydge Dunica, Writer

With the new season of winter coming up that means all new sports season for Blackford High School athletes. This time of year is guaranteed to be exciting for Blackford students and fans. Four new sports seasons are starting; boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling, and swimming.

For the boy’s basketball team, they are coming off of a great season with fourteen wins and nine losses. The team was lead by, freshmen, Luke Brown who averaged 27.8 points per game in the fifteen games he played in before breaking his ankle. Along with the addition of Luke to the team, the team got a new coach, Jerry Hoover, who is notorious for turning around losing teams, which is exactly what he did here at Blackford. The boys season tips off on November 20th at Blackford High School against the Cowan Blackhawks. The team needs all of your support, go to as many games as you can and cheer loud and proud.

  Now onto the girl’s basketball team, they are playing under a new coach this season, Mitch Waters. The girls had a rough season this past year having one win and twenty-two losses, the team hopes to improve their record this season. The girl’s team has already started their season their first game was November 1st against Southwood since then they have been 0-4 in their past four games. Just like the boy’s basketball team, the girls would also really appreciate your support, so go out there and support our bruins.

The start of the wrestling season is coming up on us fast, the teams first meet is on November 19th at Hamilton Heights. The wrestling team had a good season last year, sending Tori Baker to Semi-State. They are hoping to have more individuals advance far in the tournament. Although seating is limited at wrestling meets, still try and go watch our bruin wrestlers compete this season.

The last winter sport here at Blackford is swimming. Last year the swimming team had very few numbers, but this year the numbers have dramatically gone up. Just like the girl’s basketball team, the swim team also got a new coach, Kristie Malott. Unlike last swim season this year we will have enough members on the team to have a dive team. Although last years swimming team had many people break records multiple times, no one of the team advanced in the tournament. Things for the swim team are expected to change this season, having the numbers that they have people won’t have to be swimming in three-four events, instead, they will swim in one or two, and maybe do diving if they want. Just like at wrestling meets, seating at swim meets is also pretty limited, but that doesn’t give you fans an excuse to not support them.

Everyone from the community goes out and support our Bruins as much as you can. As an athlete myself I can tell you that seeing a lot of people there supporting your team makes you feel good, and gives you extra motivation to make the people proud. This winter the Bruins aren’t messing around, they are going for the top spot in every sport. Don’t forget to come out and show your Bruin pride at the games and meets.