DeltaRune Chapter One: Game Review

"You acknowledge the possibility of pain and seizure. Yes or No" -DeltaRune

November 19, 2018


By Halie Starks

DeltaRune is a sequel… No parallel universe…  Whatever you want to call it, to Undertale! Undertale is a role-playing game created by Toby Fox who wanted to make a role-playing game that was not “boring” in his own mind so he created Undertale. Undertale was a hit and developed a large fan-base for its unique style of gameplay and the game’s very deep lore and choices. While Undertale was known for its choices such as a genocide run or a pacifist run, DeltaRune tells you at the start of the game your choices do not matter. Some of the first words you hear in this game are that your choices do not matter and too many people, including myself, that caught my eye. This game is made by Toby Fox! Why would your choices not matter, and that is the start of this review. These starting words are what inspired me to make a review on this game because in a role-playing game where your choices do not matter is very interesting. Also spoilers ahead!

First of all, DeltaRune is going to released by chapters so far there is only one chapter released and I will be doing reviews on the other chapters when they come out. Now that is out of the way lets start with DeltaRune’s story. So far in chapter one, we have learned that DeltaRune has characters from Undertale in it but while they share the same name and some core character traits they are all different. You at the start of the game make your character a human named Kris and what we assume to be their soul. Kris is the only human in a world full of monsters and was presumed to adopted by monsters and lives in a small village. The story starts by introducing you to the village and shows you being driven to school by your mother. At school, you arrive late and are forced to work with the school bully Susie on a class project. Although, before the teacher Alphys can start class they need some chalk to write on the board which has just disappeared out of thin air.

Since you and Susie arrived late Alphys tells you both to go get some chalk from the supply closet. Susie leaves first and you walk out after to find Susie eating chalk and she turns around and notices that you saw her eating the chalk. Slowly Susie walks towards you and grabs you by the throat after pushing you into a locker and threatens to eat your face off! Yikes…! Susie decides not to eat your face and the two of you walk to the closet to get the chalk. Inside the closet, Susie and you find there is no light switch and the closet seems endless. Then out of nowhere, you both fall into a deep hole. This is when your true journey starts and you are transported to another world inside the closet also it seems Susie has run off. From there your appearance has changed as well giving you a more hero vibe! Then you start to explore this new world and stumble upon Susie who you convince to stay with you as you start to explore the world.

After playing the game some you stumble upon a dark village with one large castle in the center and it seems a fountain of darkness is pouring out of something in the distance. You both go inside and meet the lovable character Ralsei who is a Prince who has been waiting for you both to arrive. You speak with him and he tells you a story about the Lightners and the Darkners with the key point of saying they must stay in balance. Ralsei explains that the balance has been disrupted and that two heroes of light and a Prince must work together to restore the balance of light and dark. Susie does not think she is a hero and decided to leave you and Ralsei to find her. From there on the story is about you trying to seal the fountain of darkness so you can get home but Kris and Susie must be present in order for this happen. Along the way, you meet Lancer who is the son of the evil king.

Susie ends up joining Lancer and the two become villans together so you and Ralsei must work together to fight their rather simple plans. You convince Susie to join you again later in the chapter and Lancer joins as well and you all try to go to the king’s castle. Lancer ends up betraying you hoping not to have you all killed and instead has you all locked up. Susie ends up breaking out and with your guidance goes to free you and Ralsei but along the way sees Lancer and talks to him, almost killing him. Susie spares Lancer and convinces him to try to talk to his father and Lancer darts off to talk. Susie then frees you and Ralsei and you all go to fight the king. After the long battle, you manage to win and seal the fountain. Then you are transported home where you can interact with the town before going home and seeing your mother.

When you go home and go to bed the chapter ends with you tossing in your sleep before being almost thrown out of your bed and creepy music plays. You then reach inside of yourself and painfully rip out your own soul throwing it into a bird cage before a creepy smile crosses your face and a knife appears in your hand similar to an Undertale character named Chara. This is where the story ends for now and being fully honest I loved playing through DeltaRune because the characters in the game really felt special. The story so far is really deep and interesting to me since it plays on the fact your choices don’t matter and uses some old Undertale characters to tell a whole other story. Games with deep lore like this are ones I enjoy and DeltaRune was no exception.

DeltaRune’s story is amazing so far but what about the game mechanics? DeltaRune uses the same idea that Undertale uses by having the player control a small red heart that must doge many different types of attacks thrown at it or you lose health. When more than one type of enemy is battles against their abilities are combined meaning the player must be vigilant and be careful not to lose life. There is also a way to ACT or do things such as flirting with enemies to lower their defenses and make them able to be spared. Not to mention there are plenty of items you can collect off of trees or buy. Some of these items can be fixed or even given to other NPCS. Overall I rate the mechanics of DeltaRune rather high because for me this is a whole new experience and I enjoy having to stay on my toes to avoid attacks.

DeltaRune is an amazing looking game so far and I really enjoyed playing it because of its very interesting characters and overall just an amazing story. I loved playing through the chapter and what it had in store for me and I would suggest playing this game if you want a different kind of role-playing game. Also, I would recommend DeltaRune if you want a fun game full of surprises and it is free to download!


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