3 Years Wait Gets 3 Gears of War Games


In less than 3 years after the release of Gears of War 4 Microsoft has announced 3 separate Gears games, each for a different genre. Gears of War came out in 2006 as a launch title for the Xbox 360 and is known for its gripping story, over the top weapons, and fast-paced gameplay. Gears of War 1 has a list of things awesome already going for its base gameplay, from introducing the Lancer assault rifle to using the cover to cover system to stay alive. Gears 2 took what was already good about the first game and added onto it, adding the Boomshield, heavy weapons, turret overheating, new enemies, chainsaw duels, and (the crown jewel) Horde Mode. Gears 3 added new multiplayer modes, new weapons, more characters, staggering enemies for close up chainsaw kills, and added more to Horde Mode. Gears Judgement took out most of the characters, made Horde Mode a hero shooter, added more weapons, but took out the third weapon slot, making it more akin to your generic shooter, and worst of all, those godforsaken loot boxes.
After all of the above EPIC GAMES stopped developing, Gears of War, and started working on Fortnight, leaving the Gears I.P. in the hands of The Coalition (yet another company Microsoft established for a single game franchise). Like 343 Industries currently responsible for Xbox mascot franchise HALO, The Coalition was made to maintain Gears, with both companies being named after significant figures in both games, only difference, The Coalition didn’t screw up. The Coalition released Gears of War 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10, in 2016 and took the liberty of remastering Gears 1 for Xbox One adding more levels to the first game, and more weapons and features in Gears 4, as well as a new enemy and more characters. Now we have 3 new Gears games coming out in less than a year.
The first game I’m going to talk about is Gears POP, a cartoonish mobile game based on the Funko POP merch, and using the characters from previous games, like General RAAM, from Gears 1, and Clayton Carmine, from Gears 3. Not a lot of details have been revealed but we do know that it will come out next year for iPhone and Android. The next game to mention is Gears tactics, taking the brutal third-person shooter to the real-time-strategy genre, with a customizable squad to command, along with customizable gear. This game takes place 14 years before Gears 1, combining brutal combat with the gameplay of Xcom, and of course, we can’t have a Gears game without giant boss battles, like the Brumak (Locust t-rex with guns and missiles). The game comes out for Windows 10 next year, sorry Xbox gamers.
Now for the Gears game, you guys clicked this article for, Gears 5. I caught wind of Gears 5 by looking at the community page of my Xbox Dashboard, and since then I (as many fans) have been hyped. Gears 5 takes place months after the fourth game, everyone has a different look showing that some months have passed. Kait has bulkier armor, Marcus shaved his face, JD is bald, has a beard, and wears an arm harness to fight off some kind of infection (when this happened we don’t know). This time around we take control of Kait, as she and Del, go on a personal mission to discover her families shady past, as well as her connection to the Locust. The game has new enemies, new weapons, and new characters, along with old gear and mechanics. The chainsaw/assault rifle hybrid known as the lancer has had some changes over the years, as to what Gears 5’s variation will be like is still unclear, but judging by the trailer I can guess that we will have another lancer type, this time with a grenade launcher.
One of the new enemies is a worm-like creature trying to eat players, and parasitic colonies of god knows what, that can infect DB’s and turn them against you, similar to the flood from HALO. As much as I enjoy face paced gunfights in a Gears game there is still one new weapon I need to go over, the mace seen in the trailer. Whether this mace was used by the Locust or a new development by the Swarm is still not known, but we will be using it similar to the cleaver in Gears 3. When it comes to co-op gameplay nothing tops Gears of War, but how it will work in Gears 5, like if you can play four player or just the usual two players, or if the game will have drop-in drop-out features. All and all these games look fun and addicting, but that will be determined upon release, but if you are looking for a game that doesn’t give a crap about realism and has a gripping story, then Gears is for you. If you want to see the Microsoft presentation of Gears 5 then here it is, and welcome to the C.O.G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1PpvipvCvk