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November 1, 2018

The best time of the year has arrived, the National Basketball Association season is tipping off. Unlike like the past five seasons, the Golden State Warriors are not projected to dominate the league. There are multiple “super teams” in the league this year them being: the Las Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics, and the Houston Rockets. Fans all over the world are excited about this season. There are a lot of new faces on new teams this season.

Before the season tipped off the top five projected teams are: number one, the Golden State Warriors, number two, the Houston Rockets, number three, the Boston Celtics, number four, the Philadelphia 76ers, and coming in at number five, the Las Angeles Lakers. All of the top five teams either got a new star on their team or have a star coming off an injury. The Las Angeles Lakers got LeBron James, Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and Javale McGee. The Golden State Warriors got Jonas Jerebko, he is an all-star, but he is a good role player coming off of the bench. The Houston Rockets acquired Carmelo Anthony off of a three-team trade. The Boston Celtics had both Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving coming off of injuries from last season. Kyrie came off of a knee injury that happened late last season that caused him to miss the last two weeks of the regular season and the playoffs. Gordon Hayward is coming back off an injury that happened last season on opening night where he broke his leg going for a fast-break layup. The 76ers had their previous lottery pick, Markelle Fultz, who is coming back from a shoulder surgery that he had at the beginning of the season last year. With all of these players joining forces with new teams and coming back from injuries and surgeries, this season is going to be exciting to watch.

The summer league and the preseason are over, and now all eyes are on the regular season. The summer league was won by the young players and the reserves of the Portland Trail Blazers. Both the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors led the preseason with the record ten wins, five losses. That success for the Raptors is not expected to carry over into the regular season, as they are projected to not make the playoffs. The Warriors, on the other hand, are the complete opposite, they are expected to be within the top five seeds of the western conference.

The countdown to the tip-off is getting smaller and smaller. The players have trained and practiced all summer for this moment, now go out and support them. The ticket revenue on opening night this year is supposed to be up 17% from last season’s opening night, so you know that fans of the NBA are excited about this upcoming season. Now go find a comfortable spot in front of a television screen with some snacks and watch the greatest players in the game of basketball compete.

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