Borderlands Experience Coming to VR

October 23, 2018

Borderlands 2 was released back in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and pc, and later remastered in 2015 for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but just recently Gearbox, and 2K has announced Borderlands 2 VR for PlayStation 4 VR. How the original version of the game’s gameplay will translate from controller to body motion is still in question. Bethesda Studios tried this last year with Skyrim, Fallout 4, and DOOM, they were more of shallow ports of the original versions and an interesting spin-off.
When it comes to VR, it tries its best to make you feel like you’re actually in the situation like you just stepped into the game, with realistic visuals, and weapon play. Borderlands with its comic-like graphics and run-and-gun gameplay tries to make you feel awesome about what you’re doing giving you abilities and weapons with several effects such as acid bullets used mainly for enemies made of metal or wearing armor. There is also the menu to consider, unlike Fallout 4 VR Borderlands will stop everything in time for you to buy things from the shop, equip weapons into one of four weapon slots, upgrade your vault hunter, and check the map, breaking the immersion.
When it comes to VR most games are set levels and small in scale, making the game more immersive and functional, but when it comes to open world most games are non-existent, and those that do exist have something wrong with them. In Skyrim parts of the world are unexplorable, and in Fallout 4 your weapons fall to pieces, and the textures flashed a lot, the mini-games are behind the wall, and the textures were as blurry as when you take a picture of something moving. This isn’t much of a worry for Borderlands as each area of the game is broken up like the map of Resident Evil 4. This alone would probably result in less game breaking glitches, and zero game crashes, but you still have driving to consider as well. In Borderlands the vehicle mechanics are almost similar to HALO driving, except you can still use your guns despite being in the turret seat or driver seat. In Borderlands 2 VR you use your head to aim the guns and the controllers to steer the vehicle, and the game has no co-op, so you have to operate all of the functions of the car yourself, making vehicular combat even harder.
Due to their being no co-op, the developers have decided to replace team focused upgrades with self-centered upgrades, boosting your own stats and making sure you’re not pounding your real head on a real wall because you don’t have any teammates. Gearbox also gave players a new feature never before seen in the original, dubbed B.A.M.F which is an acronym to inappropriate for this school website, but its function isn’t. The main function of B.A.M.F is to let you slow down time making aiming a lot easier and making your fantasy of becoming Neo from the Matrix movies a reality. The previously mentioned replacement upgrades also help boost your B.A.M.F capabilities letting you heal while in slow motion, making you even more deadly in combat.
Like all games this big, it has its cons to go with its pros, like the VR version of this game not being an update to the original but a stand-alone game. This game doesn’t offer any of the DLC seen in the original or the remaster, so you’ll only have the first four vault hunters to play as, and the only locations you visit, came from the standalone game. One more con I have about this game is the fact that it’s exclusive to PlayStation VR, so you won’t find this on Steam, sorry PC players.
Of all this game has to offer it also took away from what made the original game, which is understandable when it comes to time restraints, tight budgets. Whether or not this game is is good or bad, Borderlands 2 is still an awesome game with its billions of weapons (a fraction of which are actually worth using) hero based combat and upgrades, cool vehicles, and diverse cast of characters, you will have a blast. If you have a PlayStation 4, and a VR set to come with it, Borderlands 2 VR is a guaranteed fun time, if you decide to get it, be warned Pandora is not forgiving.

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