Why should we not have school uniforms?

Emily Huffman, writer

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School uniforms are starting to get more popular in public schools and most people don’t like them. I think we shouldn’t have school uniforms, but many schools are starting to have them. What we choose to wear is a way to express ourselves so if we were to have school uniforms then we couldn’t really express ourselves in that way. Although school uniforms prevent students from wearing something inappropriate, I think that students should be mature enough to follow rules and wear what is appropriate. Sometimes people who enforce wearing school uniforms think it’ll solve some bullying problems or make students feel more equal, but they can still be bullied for other things such as weight or how they look.

Also in an article with pros and cons of wearing school uniforms, it says that wearing school uniforms does not help with the attendance of students which is very important because if students don’t show up to school than they don’t have the same learning experience as others who do come to school. The article also states that when students take exams or different important tests they don’t do as well. It also includes when schools wear uniforms it may be because they are in poor neighborhoods. The National Center for Education Statistics says that 47% of high-poverty public schools require school uniforms, and only 6% of low-poverty public schools required them. Uniforms can still show the difference between students and bullying can still be a problem. Families that are more wealthy may buy more than one uniform for their kids while other kids’ parents may only buy them one uniform.

I think students should have a say in what they wear to school. Some students don’t feel comfortable in a uniform. Sometimes people who enforce the school uniforms think it will solve some of the bullying problems in school, but some students could still be bullied even if they are wearing what other students are wearing. The article on school uniforms pros and cons also says that if students wear them they may have a delay in adulthood. Adults have the ability to make their own choices on what they wear and as kids grow up they want to have a say in what they wear as well.

If students have to wear school uniforms without their opinion on them I think it is unfair. Also, the uniforms are something else parents have to spend money on. Families who are poor can’t afford school uniforms, so it puts a burden on those parents. In public schools, it is harder to enforce school uniforms because of the amount of students who want to express themselves through their clothes. If students wear school uniforms than it will have an effect on attendance and scores on important tests or exams, they shouldn’t be made to buy something they don’t want, and they should have an opinion on what they wear so they can express themselves and be happy with how they look.